Monday, November 5, 2012

365, 2012

Something happened, something went wrong. I've missed posting last sunday.  No idea how I pulled that one off, though I'd imagine it was some distraction or another!  Ya know I've been super busy and super stressed.  Right now I've a constant run back and forth and taking care of two homes... Did I mention we lost our little buddy Rhino (the guinea pig) this weekend. Very very sad! 

So without further from me, lets get this post started!  ;) 

Monday, October 22th
Tuesday, October 23rd
Wednesday, October 24th
Thursday, October 25th
Looks like I found a nice shot of the sky on this day, did'n't catch one of myself. Ooops!

Friday, October 26th

It was fall festival day at Pokey's school. I'd volunteered for bring a cake for the cake walk and also to help out. The cake was posta be orange. It  Another forgetful day for me!
Saturday, October 27th
Fun times at work and then dinner with friends later.  Pretty awesome day!

Sunday, October 28th
Mr. MB's Mom gave Pokey this funny hat, it's really quite strange, but you know I couldn't resist! 

Monday, October 29th
Tuesday, October 30th
Wednesday, October 31st

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, November 1st

And that's all I have. I missed a few days (again).  It's been a helluva time! 

Hang in there!


  1. You should have worn the hat on Halloween! That may be the best hat I've ever seen and though I'm a man, I'd wear one like it for a while just to see how people react.

  2. You're really working that hat. Not everyone could pull it off.

  3. I do love that hat. And your Halloween makeup.
    While that cake may not be orange, it does look delicious

  4. love that orangish looking cake!!
    I am busy here too..we all just have to hang in there.
    hope you have another one of those awesome days!

  5. Love you Halloween face!!!!

    And thank for taking part in the airmail card exchange!!! Really appreciated! Make sure you blog and tweet about it!

  6. I looked for those antique postcards Doria, I braved the dank, musty, mildewy shed and the creepy crawlers but just could locate them : /

    I'll have to look for something KooL to send you for your office. Still a mess up here, glad that storm didn't affect my home, but the destruction is not far off and people still need help.


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