Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not as fantastic as last year,

Happy Thursday Dingleberries.  I neglected to post What I was Loving on Wednesday. I felt bad about it, but later realized there wasn't really anything I was loving yesterday. Just one of those days I guess.

We're all entitled to one...or two.  Right?

So on Sunday I will be turning yet another year older... Exciting right?  Last year was an amazing  year. It really was and I think I took  for granted how amazing it really was.

  • Mama MB wasn't sick.
  • I was able to see the Twilight premier
  • I was able to see Lykke Li in concert
I'm sure there are so many things I can and should be thankful for, but I just can't find it.   The only thing I've been looking forward to for the last year of my life has been the Breaking Dawn pt 2 premier TONIGHT!  Don't judge me.  I can't help it, it's lame and crappy and sappy. But I love it.  

Mr MB decided YESTERDAY that he couldn't go with me to see the movie tonight!! WHAT.THE.FUCK.   Obviously I'm still pissed about that.  Some good news last night, Granny MB bought me the soundtrack for the movie I'm dying to see. So there's something.

Ugh!  Just posting this is making my blood boil.

I've  missed posting though... I've gotta get myself back in the game.  I did manage to watch some Walking Dead though a few nights ago. Damn I love that show. Maybe since I'm not going to be able to go see the premier tonight I will catch up on some of that.

Sounds like a winner to me! 

Hang in there folks!


  1. So glad that you are looking at some of the sunny sides of life when the chips are down. Going through the same here, can't let it rain on us everyday.

    Don't let the posts stress ya out, plus remember ya got's one in the oven and BEE good to yourself!

    I remember one Christmas I got real shitty cause I was a spoiled little brat and didn't get what I asked for, Momma had to sit me down and have that talk, you know the one, "you just
    can't have everything that you want in life."

    Then I probably got a week or two later : P

    You Go Gurl~!

  2. Enjoy the movie and have a fantabulous birthday!!!!

  3. Breaking Dawn? I'll do my best not to judge you but I'm not a monkey--I'm only human.

  4. The Walking Dead is huge over here! My lot always find an internet link to watch it 4 days in advance - they just can't wait until the Friday!

  5. I think the Official Male Guide says that the man can get a pass from chick flicks at least twice every calendar year.

    Hey, if you need a volunteer for your birthday cyber-spanking, let me know...

    And annual nostalgia I usually set to New Years Eve rather than birthdays. AKA I listen to Counting Crows A Long December about fifty times, singing along 25, and crying the other half.

  6. Happy almost birthday! I can completely imagine that this won't be a great one for you, but still try to enjoy it, even If just a little. Have fun at that premier tonight! That will be a perfect opportunity to escape for a while!


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