Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time to go home

Well I think I updated already that Mama MB was admitted into the hospital on Friday.  Bad dehydration, malnourished and they said she had a UTI. 

Saturday the men worked together and built her the oh so fabulous wheel chair ramp she needs. 

Sunday was a good day for us to visit Mama MB. 

Monday they held a meeting to discuss her options for the the time being:

  • A) She can go into a hospice facility
  • B) She can go home
Tuesday, they called Papa MB and he was informed that a decision must be made. Mama MB still has a voice, Mama MB wants to go home.  We decide together that she will have what she wants. We will do what we have to do to be sure she gets the care she needs, at home.

Papa MB says she may be coming home tomorrow.

Hospice provided her with a bed, a food tray, a shower chair and a thing for the potty.  Thank goodness for places like that to help those in need. Though I'm sure Medicare pays them well!

So there we are..

Still Hanging in there! 


  1. A home with love is better than a well-appoitned hospice without. I hope she is able to express the appreciation I'm sure she feels.

  2. I hope the right decision gets made for everyone involved.

  3. Up until the last couple, I spent around 20 years helping look after my mum-in-law following a stroke, and all the necessary stuff the social work funded. That included a air-bed, a hoist, commode and amended shower, as home is really where the heart is.

    Just remember take that little bit of respite now and then. Big hugs to Mama MB....♥

  4. And you always will hang in there. I have every belief she can fight this! :)


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