Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Rant for Sunday!

Happy Sunday Dingleberries ..

Just a quick rant...

It became evident tonight that Howard the guinea pig requires a name change...  Howardette!!!  Funny story, Howard was squeaking and running around his cage today and I asked Pokey to feed the little turd. Knowing he most likely needs some veggies and pellets in there.

"Mom, Howard looks...different"  As you can imagine that will make anyone get up from the couch to inspect... 



Meet Perry and Norman ...  So as you can tell, the lady who sold us our dear Norman was unaware that she was prego.  UGH!!  This was not a pleasant surprise actually, but wasn't really a surprise at all. Deep down I was worried that Howard shouldn't be THAT fat!  Just goes to show..
You can't trust these crazy, sometimes unintelligent Rednecks up here where we live!!!
This isn't the worst part though ... It's been raining for about 6 hours (so far). I'm not looking forward to stepping out in the mud pit tomorrow either...
The Guinea pigs are adorable though and Pokey is determined to convince Mr MB and I that we should keep them... Save me! 



  1. This is how it all begins. Next thing you know you'll be neck deep in little furballs.

  2. Guinea pigs do better in pairs+ than alone, so consider it an act of kindness! HA! We had gps before we got our dogs, and I still miss hearing their squeaks when I peel veggies!

  3. So cute. How many babies do they normally have, half a dozen?

  4. Good grief, how bigga kids do they have?


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