Friday, March 23, 2012

The monster has been removed,

Mama Monkey Butt  had her left breast removed today.  That "monster" is gone.  They removed a plum size mass of nodes under her arm area.  Those are gone.  There are more nodes infected as well as her lung.  The battle isn't over.

Mama Monkey Butt is on a road of recovery right now, but before we know it she will back in the chemo chair again and last we heard from her Dr she would have chemo every week for 3 weeks with a week off and then 3 more weeks before a scan.

The chemo has to work this time, it just has to!


  1. Yes, here's to the chemo doing its thing! Thinking of your 'mama monkey butt'!

  2. Your Mom is a tough cookie! Thoughts and prayers continue.

  3. Thank You My Daughter for Loving me so so much. Thank You


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