Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 67 and 68, 2012

Tuesday, March 13th

Wednesday, March 14th

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries, I'm quite proud of myself for posting a few random tid bits of postings the past few days. Of course I didn't get back online last night and post Tuesdays post.  Friggn typical of my day I guess. In my defense I was pretty tired for some odd reason last night.  So I'm using that excuse.

SO some random thoughts for today.. 

  • You know I've given up on my damn Run for the cure thoughts.  Yalls remember I wanted to do the run for breast cancer, the three day thing. Turns out people who are broke arses like me and can't afford health insurance can't sign up. Sucks but hey that's just how it goes I guess. So now I want to embark on the Peachtree Road Race.  Sounds awesome and  it's only like 6.5 miles or something. There is also an Atlanta Track Club I'm thinking about joining.  All this running stuff, has me pretty excited.  I was reading on there today they have Jr races as well. I wish I could get Pokey motivated enough to do some of this with me. We took off on foot yesterday for a walk around the neighborhood and her ADD kicked in and she just wanted to go home. Girl doesn't have ADD by the way! <3
  • It's Pi day.  I'm sure you all saw my post earlier about that. Who would have thought they would dedicate a day for the math league's.  Awesome! I suck at math!
  • There's more, I know there is......
  • Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm scared  it's going to be one  of those shitty post again. I think I'm running out of Monkeys :/
  • I think peanut butter is the source of my stomach problems as of late. Think it could also be a cause of my fattness? 
The weather  is changing here. We're hitting the and close to the 80s like everyday. Sure there are chances  of rain like all the time, but still. 80 DEGREES! That is soooooo awesome. I love love love love warm weather. Damn I can't wait for summer.... 

I went running yesterday in my fivefingers and OMG was it awesome!! So So So awesome.. Very cool running shoes and would definitely recommend to anyone else who wants to pick em up.  Love em!!!

If I'm bored all day today then I think I could be spending a lot of time with you today dear blogger.. :)  but Im going to leave you all with this today because the sun shine up front is making my brain not work and only thinking about that lovely sunshine!!!

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  1. It has been so hot here too, but we got more rain than we prayed for and the little town next to mine completely flooded. I own property in that town, but it was on high ground and thankfully didn't flood or I would have been in a bind.

    Good luck with whatever run you decide to do! I can't run further than my driveway or I would do one, as well. You rock, girlfriend!


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