Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's surgery time,

Update time on Mama Monkey Butt and her breast cancer battle.  Of course she's still surviving, fighting like a true champ.  The time has come though for them to do surgery.  The Dr's are worried that because the chemo isn't helping she may set up a case of gangrene. I know pretty much not a damn thing about gangrene other than the stories I hear that they use maggots to eat away the gangrene. If you ask me that's pretty damn nasty!  Just sayin'.

So the words right now are that nothing much as improved to put it bluntly. They're going to remove her breast, Friday.  2 more days and it will be gone. 

My aunt was my informant this time and she had a lot of... information for me to take in. For that I am glad.

I've a lot of thoughts I'm working through right now and I can't seem to get them straight and in line for a blog post, so for now. I'm leaving you with just this.  It's a battle this cancer wants, it's a battle it's getting. Because Mama Monkey Butt ain't no fool.  This shit won't get her!! Not a chance!


  1. Best of luck to Mama Monkey Butt. My husband treats breast cancer patients every day, and he always says that a positive attitude and a sense of humor are over 1/2 the battle. I hope she kicks that cancer to the curb!!!!

  2. Your Momma is your the most important thing at this time. Seems like we all either are dealing, or know someone who is dealing with this monster right now. Families get stronger in times like these.

    Hang in there~! Prayers and thoughts of strength for you and yours. Peace ☮


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