Monday, March 5, 2012


Does your puppy need diapers?

Of course our pups need diapers?  Right?  I mean how many of our pups would run around wearing this? Because none of the other dogs in the neighborhood are going to laugh at him/her.  No way!  Why would they ever do that? I know our buddy Max would rawk that shit like Elton John and be like What then!!!

What makes all this postable, those diapers have monkeys on them.  How cool is that..

Some info on said diapers though, from what I read they're washable and reusable. So that's a good thing they are at least environmentally friendly. More than we can say for all those huggies in the land fill.  Hey I helped, didn't really think about washing shit out in the toilet and throwing the diaper into the wash. Oh wait, we were poor when my baby was a baby and we didn't have a washer machine. I guess I should have invested in one of those old timey wash boards right? 

Enjoy today, Hang in there!


  1. Lol, thanks for making me laugh sweetie.

  2. Sure would save me from poop scooping the back yard!!!

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