Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 66, 2012

Tuesday, March 12th
Monday already... Yippy!  Called it last night, totally overslept this morning.  The sun wasn't up when I got up and it messed everything up.

Mr Monkey Butt said my coughing woke him up last night and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. I feel a cough coming on and nothing I can do about it.

Pokey is still awake, whistling the tune of something or another and not sleeping. It makes me nuts!

I just want to go running.  It's dark and I can't. It's no fair!
Vibram fivefingers
Pokey and I now have a pair. Hers were an awesome price if I might say so myself. Only like 27 bucks. For anything in a kids size that's a good price :)I love these shoes. We went walking in them today and it was awesome. Didn't get my run on today and can't wait to try them out tomorrow :)

Will post more tomorrow, Pokey had her ear Dr appointment and it went OK.  She hasn't lost her other tube yet. Back again in 4 months.  yippy! 

Goodnight, Hang in there!

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