Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On behalf of my ass!

It's been a minute since I posted anything much at all in regards to Mama Monkey Butt and her battle with breast cancer.  Here I am finally getting around to it. I shouldn't put it off, but really there wasn't much to update. She's still getting chemo treatments every 3 weeks and running to and from the Dr for blood work and CT scans.  The norm I presume.  So this week Mama Monkey Butt had something to share on facebook and with her permission of course I'm sharing it with you. Her trials and feelings in her struggle!  It blew me away to see her share this I was so happy to see her come up and speak her mind. To share  her feelings on the subject. To talk about her fears. I don't see her enough nor do I talk to her enough and it KILLS me inside knowing this.  She has since deleted the post on facebook, but I managed to get my hands on it for all you Dingleberries to read on!   So I will stop my babbles and get on with the sharing!  Enjoy!  Hang  n there Dingleberries!

"Had some chick call this afternoon wanting donations for breast cancer. I ask who she is, she tells me she is calling on behalf of "American cancer society", but doesn't tell me who or what group she is with. I ask her, "so you are not the American cancer society?" She tells me "no", she is calling on behalf of, that scares me. I tell her she could be john doe from right up the street wanting my card number. she tells me curtly, "That's fine, if you don't want to help women with breast cancer. That's fine." and hangs up. I want to tell her how I feel, I have this monster, was a b cup, now my left arm wont lay down and rest easily beside me. Have an open, nasty place on the bottom of my breast where this monster has eaten its way to the outside of my body. I wear and change a gauze, many times daily. For the fear of getting an infection from this open place, and these people that call, and just because I wont give my card numbers to a person that I cant verify is truly who they are saying, get cold and hang up the phone on me. I hope I've done no wrong, of all people, I'd love to help somehow. I don't have a lot of money, but I don't like being made feel like I don't care about this monster that I am fighting right now for my very own life! I hope some of those people who work at these sites, see messages like this and possibly see how they make people like us feel, just because we wont willingly hand our identifications and numbers to people over the telephone. I hope I survive, I look forward to this look. Never thought I'd be saying those words, girls- Beware "

The world never ceases to piss me off, in amazing ways.  But leave it to a telemarketer to be an asshat.  That's OK we will prep mom for the next one!  Ah yes we will! 


  1. To me, it sounds like that "telemarketer" was a scammer. And to be an ass hat like that to Mama was indecent.

    Best wishes for her getting through this :-)

  2. Charities that really DO things for the cause have volunteers to do charity work and don't need the money to pay people at call centers.

    I have a few select charity's that I contibute to because I know that 100% of the money donated goes to the cause, and not faceless people sitting behind a desk that only care about a pay check and being disrepectful to others. I don't do any telemarket funding and tell them so and why!

    Last week my sister called about a cousin of mine. She's actually more my sister's age (70) and was just diagnosed with lymphoma. I always called her aunt Alberta.

    Just after her first round of chemo she had a mild heart attack. Since then she has had a multitude of other problems, some bleeding on the brain and is now a DNR (Do not resuscitate).

    Alberta(Better known as Bert) has done nothing but give to others and watch other peoples children her whole life. It's a bitter pill to swallow. I just hope that she is comforted and in no pain.

    This whole thing has me feeling negative waves and saddened. I may do a post on it later at my blog if I'm up to it.

    Kudos to your Mom, not many people wear their heart on their sleeve these days like we do Doria. I pray everyday that people like your Mom, my neighbor Linda, Bert and all those that are battling such illness are comforted by friends and family and encouraged to keep up the battle!

  3. Ya made me cry a little Tim and you're right. Gotta love those women! This world will be a bitter empty shell without them :/ But theyre fighters and they will pull through. Im so sorry to hear about Bert. my thoughts are with you and yours <3


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