Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have a run but first have a walk....

Sometimes I make my own self proud. I was more shocked than anything this morning.  Shocked that I didn't chicken out and stunned that I didn't forget.  That seems to be my thing these days!!

So for starters.. I registered myself in the Peachtree Road Race lottery this morning. GO ME!  GO ME! GO ME!   This is really cool to me. I'm hoping I'm one of the sixty thousand people randomly chosen. I'm worried only because:
  • I've no times to give them from other runs/walks. It didn't say this was a problem, it just helped determine your wave.
  • I didn't donate anything
Registration runs until the 22nd of March and notification emails will be sent out on the 26th.  I hope I'm chosen. I think a few of my lady friends are going to  sign up as well. I hope we all make it! And I hope we all make the same wave ::fingers crossed:: !!!

In other related news... My lady friend and  I have started a team for the walk for ms.  It's all exciting news this lovely spring days we're having!   I'm loving it.  The warm weather. It's making life so much happier for me, lolz.  Funny how weather can do that huh?

So in this news, yerp, we've signed up as a team and are recruiting a few folks.  Trying to fundraiser about 250 bucks for this one. So if any of you dear Dingleberries are interested in donating anything, please feel free. It's for MS and as most of you already know, my Mom also suffers with MS. It's in remission right now and we've other battles to work through, but it does affect many many people. GO ahead, donate a little, donate a lot. We'll take what we can get. Get active, sign up for a walk.  It's going to be AWESOME!!!


Have an awesome day Dingleberries, hang in there!


  1. I wish I had Mo' money, I'd gladly donate. The one thing that I CAN do is look for a local MS walk and get my shit together and get it on! I'm always saying I need the excerise, this is the perfect opportunity for me to give back and try and get healthier myself.

    As a matter of fact I should sign up for every fund raiser I can to keep myself busy and know I'm doing some good in my life.

    T'is surely a sin for me to sit here and feel sorry for myself, when so many have many more needs and deserve what I can offer!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Good luck to you. I admire runners because it takes such dedication. Sounds like a wonderful cause.

  3. Good for you doing the run! I look so old when I run, so I just walk really fast now. Well, I walk. OK, I watch people out of my window walking but that is so exhausting!

  4. busy lady. Lovely to see you getting out and doing stuff you love


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