Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music for a Tuesday

Not the original by Steve Miller Band, but it's still a favorite of mine. I think I really just enjoy the song, but because I've listened to and know a bit more about Insane Clown Posse.  It just makes more sense for me to share this version!  Makes more sense to me anyway.
So for many a year in high school and still at times since, I've always enjoyed a good giggle from Insane Clown Posse and a lot of the psychopathic family.  Which is rumored as  of late to be considered a "gang" or something in the Michigan area which is where they began and still live I presume. It's been a couple of years since I laid eyes on a Psychopathic Show of any kind. If I'm not mistaken I think my last show was Twiztid, these guys here. I love my "family" as we're called, but what I didn't love was seeing the 8-10 year old walking around with his parents drinking red bull, the whole place full of cigarette smoke and the words that come out of this bands mouth. Though may not be bad to a lot of parents standards, but for mine, lets just say I don't play ICP or anything in the family while my child is present. Call me overprotective, call me over bearing.  Ya can fuck off too!
There will come a time in my life when I can't protect my daughter from all that I see as bad for children.  Note I said BAD FOR CHILDREN.  It doesn't mean I'm some old prude (only sometimes) that wants to hypocrite on everything, I'm in no way that. I just think children shouldn't be pounding Red Bull at 10, that shits bad for you yo!  A room full of cigarette smoke. HELLO I know you see the commercials on television.  Some people are fucked in the head, I know cause I'm one of them.  bwhahaha

Damn I went  off on a rant there, so sorry. Enjoy the tunes and Hang in there Dingleberries, still a few more days this week. For those who would like to compare, jam to Steve Miller Band when you're done and just FYI the video they are showing with the joker up there, that shit ain't right!!  Completely different song and it's a damn awesome song if you askn me ;)

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  1. Odd looking fellows I may say, but their music is pretty tough, love the version.


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