Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's been one week, 2012

Day 93, Wednesday March 21st
Day 94,  Thursday March 22nd
Day 95, Friday March 23rd
Day 96, Saturday March 24th
Day 97, Sunday March 25th
Day 98, Monday March 26th
Day 99, Tuesday March 27th
Holy hell that's insanity isn't it?  A whole week, I've got miserable progress with this. I did manage to get it posted before tomorrow. It's my 100th day ya know!?

So lets get a recap.

  • You've seen my post on Mama Monkey Butt and her surgery dealings. Thanks so very much dear Dingleberries for all of your kinds words. I lerve each and every one of you dearly!
  • Pokey just stubbed her toe, she's not loving that.  She did go visit the dentist today though and we are with NO CAVITIES.  That is so awesome because OMG it's such a pain for her to get fillings.
  • I made the pick for the Peachtree Road Race. How fracking cool is that?  I think it's awesome!
  • I've adopted the work frak or fraking. I think it sounds less crappy than dropping the big F bomb. I'm thinking to reserve that for when it's needed. Ya know?  Don't want to over use the F bomb!
  • DodgeBall is one of my favorite movies....Evar!!!  It's made my top 20 for sure!
So with this I leave you. I need to muster the brain power to make a few other posts, so look at me go.  Hang in there Dingleberries.

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  1. There are always going to be things that draw our attention away from our blogs.

    It's because those things are much more important to us and we shouldn't feel compelled or sorry that it didn't happen (Blog Post).

    I know that for me, my blog is therapeutic and it gives me a chance to reflect on my own situation, from "Outside of the Box."

    With all you have going on, you do a fine job gurl! Keep on Truckin'~!


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