Thursday, March 1, 2012

Danglies you say?

Danglies? Yes!  So this morning I'm telling pokey that our little buddy Max has to go to the doggie doctor for his neutering on Monday. 

So what's a Neutering you ask?  Yes of course my 8 year old has to ask me what that means.  Thank gawd that we're only talking about the dog!

Well huney, a neutering in Max's case is where they cut off his danglies.  lmfao. Yea I'm dying laughing inside and out loud. Not only am I getting a look of pure confusion from Pokey but she's giving me that "damn your crazy mom" look. I love that look!

Yes, well huney Danglies are.... well.....  Hmmm, how the fuck do you explain dog balls to an 8 year old?

The easiest way I could come up with at roughly 7:45 am this morning?  Pick dear Max up and flip him upside down.  Ya see those "danglie" looking things?  Well those are Max's Danglies! ;) 

Of course she thought this was "ew" but shortly thereafter she was all like "Mom he heard you say that, he's scared". I know huney, I know. But he won't be such an asshat anymore (hopefully) after we get his "danglies" removed.

Danglies, like her "clargged" from a past post.

I love adult/child talk sometimes.   Now tell me, do we ever get better at explaining these things?


  1. And now, thanks to you, I'll be yelling "ARRRRRGH!!! You kicked me in the DANGLIES!!!" the next time it's appropriate.

    ...or maybe when it's not... We'll see.

  2. lol.....good luck with the disappearing danglies! And no, I don't think explaining anything improves with age - I'm very much still in the baby-talk world...*ahem*

  3. I love that word, danglies. My wife currently has my danglies in her purse. I get to see them periodically.

  4. Not having any children, you are on your own explaining that to Pokey! Myself, I just say "Ouch."

    It cost me an arm and a leg to get Woody nipped! You are lucky they go by weight when figuring up the bill.

    Woody weighs 55lbs that came to $380, with the shots and huge kennel cage he's an expensive mutt!

    Stick wif half pint LoL

  5. No, it doesnt get easier. Things get even more embarrassing. Especially when puberty hits


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