Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday again Dingleberries,

In case you haven't noticed I'm really just scraping the bottom of the bowl with these post as of late.  I've a few left and am not giving up. Not going down in the night without a fight.. Hey I made a rhyme, go me!

So I received an unexpected yet awesome email this morning.  A while back on one of my random ramble rants of monkey post I shared this post.   Of course it was random, but I had a point to it. I'm sure of it.  Back to the point of this though..  So I got an email from a pretty cool blogger, whom I've linked it that same post up there ^.  This week however he is covering something not so Monkey. He's covering the "Chimpan-A and Chimpan-Zee" as he so put it. He also has a jingle, which makes me giggle " I hate every ape I see from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-ZEE"  Funny I think.  Ya know me though, I amuse quite easily. So after reading his post, which I LOVE.  I've decided I'm going to use part of it. He doesn't mind, I asked first :)  Ya know I'd hate to tear apart someones awesome job!  Duh!

So The Weekly BNote, written out by Darth Lawyer, very cool stuff, check him out... It's okay, I will wait!!

  His email this morning was a pleasant surprise, because like I said, brain farts as of late.  He covers everything from Magilla Gorilla, which I remember back to friends singing the songs of the show.  Reminds me of better days I guess.

This week, I'm sharing with you, taken from BNotes  ....


I always LOVED Abu from Aladdin, Aladdin was one of those Disney Movies that I would have, still would call one of my favorites.  That monkey gave me many more laughs than most cartoons.  Prince Ali and that lovable genie.  How could you not love it? 

Anyone have any tales of Aladdin? Any fond memories? 

In other news... I posted many a week ago using Curious George as my Monkey of the week.  According to Bnotes here, George was no Monkey at all. Missing a tail and all, I never noticed. I'm so ashamed.. How dare they lie to me with "Curious George, A curious little monkey"  It's false advertisement I tell you and I can't believe I never noticed he had no tail.. what the frak?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post Dingleberries, hang in there and a million thanks to B Notes. 


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  1. I never noticed the no tail either. I'm with you and not too much to write about. I've been congested all week like you were a few weeks back.

    I need to get rid of this crap and take a good foot in the back of my pants to get me up and running again! : )

    Peace ☮


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