Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 85, 86 and 87, 2012

Happy Sunday Dingleberries, it was a pretty good weekend.  Got some laundry done, got some cleaning over with. Vacuumed the floors.  We did the oh so awesome MS Walk on Saturday, hung out with one of my favorite lady friends. The walk was awesome.  Friends and family felt it necessary to tell me how much of an inspiration I was. That was so super sweet of  them to say so, but really.  Those men and women actually fighting the battle of MS are the inspiration. Only about a 3 mile walk, but totally worth it.  A very nice experience. 

Today, Sunday we went to the Easter Egg hunt in town. That was really nice as well. Max was able to go to the doggie park. His first time. He LOVED it!  I'm glad.  Sunburned skin later and we're home relaxing, if that's even possible.  Now I'm past the point of pooped and need a good long run.

I'm hopeful with most of the pollens warshed away over this weekend I will be OK to get back out there. Fingers Crossed for no Oh my god I'm dying episodes!!!

I hope you all had a wondermus weekend and didn't hurt any feelings with your April Fools day jokes. I promise I will get some reading done.  Cya tomorrow!
Day 85, Friday March 30th
Day 86, Saturday March 31st
Day 87, Sunday April 1st
Hang in there!

And finally a big thank you to everyone and their kind words on Mama Monkey Butt! Lerve you guys!


  1. It's 49 degrees right now! It's windy too! What happened to the 70's and 80's of early March? Brrrr

    At least it's sunny, maybe Woody and I make a trip to the dawg park today : )

  2. I thought Friday was Good Friday! Good thing I'm still laying off heavy cream products for Lent! The shape I'm in, it's going to be a long while before I taste ice cream again : / Been doing good, no sweets either, been tearing up navel oranges though!


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