Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 108, 2012

Sunday, April 22nd
Happy Earth Day Dingleberries!  I didn't hug any trees today, because I was mad at them. I did spend the majority of the day outside and for those who aren't aware we had a crazy wind advisory day! 

My cousin was married today, him and his purdy wife had an outdoor wedding at a park in their town.  Very nice park.  The bad part of this was all the wind. It was insane!!!  There was so much pollen in the air. I spent the majority of the time trying to stay in the sunshine and keeping my sunglasses on to help keep some of the pollen out of my eyes.  Oh my how they itch!! My nose is still running and itchy.  Not fair.

GO me for spending Earth Day outside!!  Congrats to the happy couple!

I'm sad it's Sunday already, I'm not ready to go back to work. Small talk on Facebook tonight we are talking about how the 5 day work week came along and the total bullshit of the matter.  I wish I could get  paid the same and work less. Or if I could actually afford to live on less money.  We could pick up some nice card board boxes to live in. Wouldn't be too bad until it rained. Sounds exotic.  Slightly... 

One more photo before I leave ya!!

Sorry for the Twilight haters...

But I effn LOVE this pic, a thousand thanks to my homie for sending it to me, <3


Hang in there!

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  1. The 2+ inches of rain we got yesterday here in Maryland is turning into an 18 inch nightmare blizzard for some along the northern east coast!

    We needed rain here bad anyway. Today it looks like we will be lucky to hit 50 degrees. Brrr At least we didn't get snow. Yup, it can always be worse!


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