Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 88, 2012

Monday again isn't it?  The work part of Monday is the not so much fun part of Mondays.  Then again it was good to get out of the house, although the only day we really spent much time in the house was the sick days on Thursday and Friday.  Though my wallet would have appreciated  a bit more break! 

As you may have noticed.. I got my hair cut this weekend and it's super cute. It's awesome summer hair and I'm digging it. Can't wait to change the color a bit, maybe?  Haven't decided entirely, what are your thoughts?

Yesterday at HellMart we picked up some new doggie food for Max. Some of you read and saw me posting about dog food and what would be good for our pup.  Well I'm trying out one brand that's priced pretty well I think and appears to have a good ingredient list, I'm kinda happy about it!  Let's hope he likes it! 

I'm loving the weather!  LOVING IT!  It's like a nice 80 something degrees outside!  That's like summer!  Unfortunately it's making it really hard for me to want to continue sitting inside!!  Friends are already starting to plan their summer parties. The first of which (so far) is the May Day party, it's the 3rd year and I'm excited.  It's been so much fun in the past. I think we can rawk it again!  Fer shure!  Wonder what I will wear this year. For anyone who's new and interested, check these links HERE and HERE for past fun-ness in 2011! It looks as though you missed it in 2010.  Apparently I didn't start my blog until October, gasp!

I'm starting to work on camping ideas and lists. I know we were short a few things last year. I'm hoping to camp A LOT more this year and have quite a few friends lining up to join in the fun. It's going to be a year of EPIC proportions.  How cool is that?
Monday, April 2nd
So with this I leave. I'm pleasantly prepared for this weeks Monkey Butt Thursday and can't wait to present it to you all.  Yea, it's not that great, promise!! 

In other news. I'm going to attempt a new blog as well, keeping the Monkey Butt name only focusing more on my newfound fondness of photography and how much I enjoy it. Kind of an out doorsy photo kinda blog. I'm pretty excited. I've  alot of photos and more to come for the lovely spring/summer season! 

Goodnight Dingleberries.

Hang in there! 


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