Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 90 & 91, 2012

Day 90, Wednesday  April 4th
Day 91, Thursday April 5th
Happy Thursday Dingleberries, did everyone catch this weeks Monkey Butt? I somehow managed to forget to share it on my facebook page, buuuut I did manage to share a cute photo or 2 on there! 

So Wednesday we hit up the Six Flags over GA. It was a lot of fun!!!  Managed to get Pokey on the Mindbender, which I remember being my favvy ride from way back when. There is a super awesome new ride called the Daredevil, which I think opened last  year.  I'd love to get on that ride. There was no way in hell Pokey was going to commit to that one (or any other for that matter). I think Mr. Monkey Butt and I may have to find a sitter one day for a trip to the Six Flags without the munchkin.  She hates standing in line as much as any other kid.  To wrap it up, Six Flags was a lot of fun.  Will have to do it again soon enough.

Today, Thursday. Other than being pay day was just another shittastic day at work. Who's surprised there? I wasn't. Had a super annoying customer wanting shit for free. Why is it people they are owed something in this lifetime?  Because their car is crap and they have no money.  Well a lot of other people are in the same boat, and we aren't pissing and moaning about it. Oh wait!! Yes we are!  Gawd!  :)

Anyways.... I don't want to bore anyone or anything and I'm still in need of some extra sleep, but I just can't bring myself to go to bed early or anything. It just doesn't make sense!!

Found out today that it may take an act of congress and a lot of wasted money to get myself into an office for a mammogram!!??!  Why is that?  I mean I know I have no insurance and from what Twitter says the other day, (Americans with no health insurance?  Are they crazy?! )  Now Now people, we aren't crazy, well not all of us!!  Some of use just choose not to piss our money away like that. That perhaps, just maybe food or over priced gas is a little more important for what could be!  So people who have some smart ass comment or remark regarding this American who can't afford health insurance. Yea...I'm a little crazy!  But until you have the money to send me to pay said bill every month, kiss off!  ;)  Back to the point....  I guess you have to have a referral for mammograms. I'm going to call a few other places or something. NO I've not found anything to make me run out and make sure, I'm just taking the precautions I guess. Am I being silly?  Should I just stick with the self exams and hope?    More calls tomorrow I guess.

Okay folks, that's all I've got for tonight. I'm hoping to get some extra blogging in tomorrow. I'm hoping. We've a good weekend planned I think. Time with the fams. Papa Monkey Butt had his 50th birthday today!  Happy Birthday to Papa Monkey Butt!! We weren't able to go up tonight, but we've planned a nice bash for Saturday. Some grilling and cupcakes.. I'm excited!!

Easter  to ring in on Sunday I think we will go see Mr Monkey Butts  mom and dad. Which will be good, because it's been a bit since we went over there!! 

Goodnight to ya Dingleberries!

Hang in there.


  1. I had to laugh about the customer. A few days ago I was waiting in line to pay for the Chinese buffet I had eaten and the lady in front of me was arguing with the cashier about how she didn't get her senior citizen discount because she was in the bathroom when her daughter paid the bill.

    They argued and argued. The buffet was only $7.99 so I figured it was less than a dollar they were arguing over. Anyway, she wanted her discount or a free meal and I had to laugh. I think all she got was kicked out. You reminded me of that and I just wrote like a whole post here haha!

  2. Seems crazy given your family history that you are finding it difficult to get referred for a mammogram.
    I really dont understand your health system at all.

  3. @Crack yo Whip- Good to know it's not just here :) Those people BUG me!!!

    @Mynx- Me either. It's crap I tell you. If ya get the chance to live in "The Land of the Free" It's a LIE I tell ya! lolz.

  4. I don't have any idea why such a test(Mammogram)would be that hard to get and expensive. It's all about early detection, preventing a full blown illness that would be much more expensive. That's what happens when government gets involved, they decide who and when I guess!

    I'm glad ya'll had a great day at Six Flags! Myself, I hate rides like that, I'd be hurling chunks I tell ya!


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