Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Hello and Happy Thursday again Dingleberries.  It seems like a few posts since I've called you all Dingleberries. That's what you are you know?  My little Monkey Butt Dingleberries! 

Moving on...

Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean
Yes so the monkeys name was Jack as well.  Let me add I enjoy this next picture a lot more!
(wow the quality of this sucks)
But whatever.  Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite Johnny Depp characters.  He is so damn hawt and like fine wine just gets better with age, yums!   Since we're on the subject, seems to me there are a lot of hawt people in these movies.  I mean for one there  is Johnny Depp, who we all know is hawt as hell. Then there is the other pirate guy, Barbossa (Geoffrey Rugh) looking all piratey he's still pretty hot also.  You've got the  younger guy, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) who is almost as hot as Johnny Depp and then the girl character Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) is very hot as well.  This is just one hot movie isn't it?   May have to invest a weekend into these movies.. Seems to me like I'm missing a lot of hotness!

Moving along, so sorry for that!!  Jack the Monkey was like any other monkey from any movie  is a mischievous little devil  (what is up with that?) who by night was cursed like the pirates to be a skeleton of a monkey! 
Scary shit right?
But an awesome choice of movie.  I myself have not watched all of them!  But I will, oh yes I will.   And there you have it. This weeks Monkey Butt. Scary little bastard by night but he's purdy cute during the day!


Hang in there!


  1. Johnny is HOT, and it looks like he's on the market again huh?

  2. I like Depp, not because I think he's hot, because he's a great character actor. What's Eating Gibert Grape was on the other day, now Juliette Lewis, I think she is a hottie~! : P

    If you've never seen "The Ninth Gate," it's worth a view. A Roman Polanski film with Depp playing a rare book appraiser, in a mystery about satanic book collectors, murder etc.!

    I have noticed that a lot of people in the Pirates movies were also in Harry Potter and The Brothers Grimm movies(Keira Knightley among others). Some are in other Tim Burton movies. Quite an all star cast.

    Nice post, I love the Pirates saga, have all 4 DVD's and have watched each many times.

  3. The first one was great.
    The second one was okay.
    The third one was dumb as hell.
    I'd like to see the fourth POC. I hear its pretty good.
    Even though I hear it was dumb, too.
    Johnny Depp is also going to play Barnabus Collins in a Dark Shadows movie and Tonto in a Lone Ranger movie.
    I don't think he's hot (Mrs. Penwasser would be very relieved to hear this), but he's an outstanding actor.


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