Monday, April 16, 2012

Fell behind again, 2012

Day 99, Friday April 13th
Day 100, Saturday April 14th
Day 101, Sunday April 15th
Day 102, Monday April 16th
Well it's Monday again and I failed, EPICLY, with getting my posts in over the weekend. It's become like a regular thing, I think. Oh well, that's OK I guess.  Life happens, especially over here. I'm patiently waiting for the pools to open. I can't wait, sitting by the pool, watching Pokey play while I sip on some water and soak up some sunshine. Ahhhhhh.. It's going to be awesome!  I love summer!!

So we didn't get into much this weekend, Pokey is having a hell of a time adjusting to the school thing since Spring Break and it's been hell. She's in girl scouts now also, well kinda. We're posta register next week. She seems to be loving it. They made veggie faces today and smoothies.   She also made some honey mustard dip last night for today's meeting. It wasn't really that great!! 
Work today was just that....Work. We stayed kind of steady through out the morning and early afternoon. I was actually happy about this, as you all know I hate hate hate being bored. So it's nice to at least be busy for part of the day.. Yays!

But I won't bore you to death my life. I'm steady working at organization of my blogs. I've three of them now you know and they're all different. I'm trying to some how stop doing certain things with this one and start adding some things to the other one. not sure just yet though, because the other two pretty much have themes. Where this one has always just been my random BS,  ya know?   So I'm still thinking  about it.

I have decided to add a new thing for this one though. It's called "What I'm Loving Wednesday".  Something else to keep me busy, right?  So with this I leave you.  I need a little extra sleep tonight I think. Pokey thought it was a good idea to get up at 6am this morning.  Yea I wasn't getting up, she was forced to lay in bed with me for an hour.  tee hee!

Goodnight Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. Damn girl, you look totally gorgeous! Love the new hair!

  2. Keep it rollin' : ) Gosh it almost hit 90 degrees yesterday! Oh well, it's supposed to get chilly again and rain this weekend for our city Festival.

    I better make good use of the dog park before we get some rain, then it will be a mud hole.


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