Monday, April 23, 2012

A Monday Giggle,

You read it right, Cock Flavored Soup Mix.  So tell me Ladies and Gentlemen, how many of us are lining up to try this one?!!  This one went right back on the shelf, unlike the bacon flavored pop corn, I've not come up with any real use for this one..

Mama Monkey Butt suggested I put spermicide in it?! lmao... She's so funny!!

Good Day Dingleberries,


  1. I love this post, simply because I find something along these lines every time I go to the Mexican or Asian market with my wife and I always pick it up, point to it with that same cheesy grin, and laugh like mad.

  2. Ummm I think I'll pass, but thanks anyway : )

  3. I would have bought it just to give it as a gag gift to someone!

  4. I hear that's the kind of soup favored by the transgender population.
    Believe it or not (I'll bet you do, though), I have a picture of this on my Facebook page.
    I also have a picture of something from Heinz called (I am not kidding) 'Spotted Dick.' I really, really don't know what this is. It could part Dalmation, for all I know.
    Finally, the name of catfood they sell in Iceland: 'Pussi.'
    Yep. I just hadda send a few cans home to my family.
    And here we thought 'Pretzel RODS' were funny.

  5. Man, that's gotta be from another country, right? Folk around here say either 'cockerel' or 'cock' when referring to a rooster. It's funny.

  6. I decided to make my blog private for a spell, so if you wanna be able to read it, then I'd have to send you an invite via email. So, you know, shoot me a mail with your info., if you'd like!x

  7. You make me laugh crazy every day Dear, I Love you. You keep being you


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