Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

Hello Dingleberries and welcome to this weeks filler I mean Monkey Butt.  Yea so I've totally failed this week, I didn't plan ahead and waited until the last minute to come up with some wonderfully awesome that you all would enjoy. 

So please accept my apology, this is all I have for you this week.

I myself think it's pretty darn funny.  That's just me though. 

So enjoy this week's Monkey Butt.  Will definitely have something better for you next week :)  Promises right. 

Hang in there!



  1. Why is everybody picking on the Po' monkey?

    I don't know about all bloggers, but this one definately runs into road blocks and momentary loss of subject material. Just have fun with it when you can!

    Thanks! Peace ☮

  2. Scary monkey......
    That's it.
    I'm sleeping with the lights on.
    And I MAY wet the bed.


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