Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 106, 2012

Friday, April 20th
Today was a day from hell. You all read that I decided, randomly that I would start the fruit diet?  Yea, well let me tell you how that went. I woke up this morning, all I wanted was COFFEE!  Wanting to be true to the diet and myself, I loaded up my cup with veggie juice.  ::gag:: Loaded my bowl with fruit, grabbed some apples and an orange, a banana and I'm out the door. 

Hours later, I've ate both the orange and one apple.  HUNGRY....

Time to go have lunch with Pokey, which I will say was easy. I hate hate hate school food and avoid it at almost all cost. Pokey was aware of my new  diet phase and had no problems with me grabbing another banana, another apple and a water.  GETTING HUNGRIER!

Head back to work, still hungry and getting grumpy.  Went back and all the the talk in the office of tacos... I'm sooo miserable, I ate my fruit bowl. The delish stuff I'd been saving all day, the strawberries, the mango, pineapple,  grapes. Yummy stuff.  Gobbled it down!! GONE!

Not feeling so hungry anymore, thank god. Still not satisfied, but it will do.

Few hours pass and it's still not time to leave. I'm fraking starving!! I need some food and I'm totally pissed at myself, because I just can't take it  anymore!!

Long story short, I had jambalaya with corn bread, green beans and mashed taters for dinner!  Followed that with the best brownies, EVER!  Then a cuppa coffee.  Yum Yum Yum!!!

In other news...

The Giggle Fest
My post card for April was laying on the kitchen table with the mail today. I was excited to see it and read what came all the way from Scotland.  Very cool!! I love this post card campaign because I just don't know when it will come!! Exciting!! 

So there ya have it, check out The Giggle Fest and if you're still wondering how to sign up for the post card campaign click yourself on over to my pages and click the post card page.  Oh go ahead, you know you wanna!! 

Happy Friday Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. Firstly, a fruit diet? OMG I'd never survive. I have to have meat of some form. I have to admit, I really don't understand all these crazy diet ideas running around. In reality (even though I'm not so good at this), moderation really is the key.

    And secondly, yay for postcards! Mine is probably in the box, but it will have to wait until tomorrow for me to get it. I'm ready to settle in for the night!

  2. Can't say you didn't try! Have a great weekend Doria and family!

  3. yay for postcards. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
    I dont think I could do a fruit diet but at least you gave it a go

  4. I use the fruit as a snack at night.

    Man can not live on fruit alone!

  5. Glad you liked your postcard :) As for vegetable juice...yuck!!


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