Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 110, 2012

I've been in a terrible mood today. Terrible mood.  I'm thinking perhaps it's a delayed full moon for me or something. I'm just pissed off. I hate the world, I hate my job, I'm hating people.  I want to run away. I want to move as far away from this place as I can.

My first thoughts when deciding to move as far away as possible is to the state of Washington.  I've no idea why I first think of Washington State when I think or moving to another state. It's weird.. I think Washington State and I think Australia when I think country. Though I know there are other countries I'd rather visit. I guess living in Australia just seems cool. I'm a strange kinda gal!

So my thoughts of Washington... Of course there is the crush I have on the Twilight series. For those who haven't read or seen the Twilight series the writer based her books on a city called Forks. They talk about Seattle some and then there is Port Angeles.  I've dabbled in the thought of travelling there and checking out the towns she talked about.  The movie makes some parts of it look really awesome. I'm thinking I will wait a few years and check it out. When all the glamor and all the tourism dies down. Ha!  Do we think that will ever happen?!
All the tourist pics made me nauseous!

I think honestly I'm just wishing for the small town places that Mr Monkey Butt enjoys telling me doesn't exist anymore.  Way to make life a little more unbearable!  There has to be one somewhere, doesn't there?

Back to the point, there's beaches in Washington, this is pretty much a state that offers like everything, right? I bet you can day trip to Canada or Alaska can't you?  Anyone from or near the state of Washington? Ever went to visit? 

To take ya back in time, I think the glamor of Washington state ( for me) started with Seattle and another small town called Aberdeen. The home place of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain.  I've always loved Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. He was  my high school crush, yes he was already dead. But I loved him still. He was my God  as weird as that may seem. I loved him, his music and his awesomeness!  I'd always dreamt of travelling to Seattle to visit his town, the bridges he slept under, visit Aberdeen. Everything..

I guess I've a lot of interest in the state of Washington, I'm blaming Hollywood for that.  It's also sitting right above Oregon and I've  heard from more than one person the cliffs in Oregon are to die for.  I'm hoping one day, I can leave this place, if only for a year or so and travel to these places that seem so awesome to me!

Tuesday, April 24th
So I'm feeling better, if only a little.  Mama Monkey Butt and I talked for a bit today, on more than one occasion!  It was nice to rant and rave to someone who understands and listens. Will laugh a lot and take the things you have to say with acceptance.  She's the best!!   

As you can tell, it was  day from hell.  I know I can't run off and leave this place, because Mama Monkey Butt is here and she needs me and  us right now.

Had an awesome bike ride today after work, I'm so glad Pokey has learned how to ride her bike. She still has to stop some, but it's OK. She's doing so well. Makes me smile!

That's a long ass post this week, hope you all made it to the end!! 

Goodnight dear Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. That was good to read, made me feel good, I Love You, I always want to go to Washington State also, for the same reason, almost, I want to see where the hottie my daughter loved so so much lived, and to experience that side of the United States coast myself, I dont want to go to Canada, or Oregon, just Washington State, to see the coast and what Kurt Curbain love of that coast, I hope the cliffs are high at the shores, so I can look off, Goodnight Baby- I Love You

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