Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 96, 2012

Tuesday, April 10th
It's Tuesday, there is never really much special about a Tuesday.  I do run the Music for a Tuesday on a Tuesday, which is always an event worth a shot.  I usually post my favorite tunes for the week or of all time or just whatever.  It works for me anyways! 

So this one may be a bit random this week, which works out, because it's Tuesday and what better than a random Tuesday?  Nothing!!  Other than a fabulous Friday that is! 

  • So we attended our first Girl Scouts meeting. It was how do you say...interesting.  I've never been involved in such activities. Granted the only activity they really involved themselves in this week was a flag folding. Which they will be doing in their ceremonies just before the burn said flag?  I'm not sure it wasn't very clear.  Pokey is pretty friggn stoked about it though... just saying!! I think she enjoyed herself with her new girl friends and we are pretty excited to sign her up full time, pick up her book and costume and get to working with it.... I'm hoping she sticks with it. This is a first for her.  Any of you know of or perhaps trying to rid of a Brownie Uniform for girl scouts?  My Pokey is like a size 7/8. Let me know ;)
  • "Turdius Maximus" aka MAX ( our dog for those who are new here ) has been a real pain in my arse lately.   I think he is reverting in his training.  Sure I'm sure I deserve that because I actually played no part whatsoever in his training.  While we on the subject I think perhaps my Pokey is reverting in her training, but I've played half the parts here... Back to Max, here lately ya walk him and he goes no poopy. It's very frustrating to walk him around and hope and hope only to get nothing.  Then of course while I'm gone to work, he just can't seem to hold it. Shit in the floor. It makes me nuts and being I'm the Monkey Butt I am I know all about flinging poo just to get a rile out of anyone. So he's doing it on purpose?!  Of course he is, I would!  So today I'm fed up. I walked him FOREVER and no poop then I come back in and of course there is the poop behind the couch! GAWD!

What I felt like doing

I've never been a very patient person when it comes to pets. Don't get me wrong, I love  my little pain the arse doggie and my precious Pokey. But nothing makes me angrier than to watch carpet become trash due to shit like that!  Gawd! TO the point, po po Maximus is hanging out in his doggie crate until we get things back under control. He's really a good doggie but just like my dear Pokey. When she acts like an arse there are consequences to be had. Does that make me a mean mommy?  Ya can Eff off if you think it does! Just sayin!  Other Max news, I changed his food. Hoping it was better for him. He's eating it for shit. I don't think he likes it much :/  UGH
  • I weighed myself while at Mama Monkey Butts over the weekend and I've dropped  a few pounds. However over the last few days (thanks to something I ate) I've gained it all back in the form of a cold sore aka fever blister on my LIP. OMG this thing is getting bigger and bigger. I may have actually gained weight with the size of this thing.  The abreva isn't helping either. 
  • I was pretty fraking excited to see I'd dropped a few pounds.  Very cool news.
  • I tried running again yesterday, I think I've developed some asthma or something. I'm terribly bummed about it.  I wish the pollen would go away!
  • Easter was nice! Spent time with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt as well as my sister and nieces. It was very cool. Snapped some awesome photos, which I hope to be sharing soon!! I'm also working to edit some of them up for my photography page. Anyone other than Tim checked that out yet?  I'm having fun with it!
So I think you've had enough.. Have you?  If not stay tuned, there will be more tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure of it. I'm looking for thoughts, ideas and suggestions or Fridays photo theme  or if you'd like to submit a photo. Also Monkeys. I need more Monkeys!   Heyalp!


  1. Wow, that's lots of news :) It seems that you didn't enjoy your first Girl Scouts meeting as much as Pokey did, eh?
    I'm not a dog person (I prefer cats) so I can't say much about that, but I do hope that it will get better soon :)

    Btw, I like the new background ;)

  2. First Girl Scouts meeting...? Good for you. Cherish these times, because they are fleeting (geez, I sound like a frikkin' Hallmark card!). This Easter was bittersweet and gave us a preview of coming attractions. The boy was up from Virginia, but not to see us. He spent the weekend with his girlfriend, whose birthday was Sunday. He also had Easter dinner with her family and took part in an Easter egg hunt with what will probably be his 5 year old niece (although she better be older than 5 when she becomes his niece!). Our daughter spent a lot of time with friends. The old folks went to church to celebrate Zombie Jesus and I burned brush after a nap. I guess we're taking a few years (hopefully several) off before the Easter Bunny comes back to life (hey, just like Je....oh, that's just too blasphemous).
    Let's go, summer!

  3. When it comes to dog food I always used dry food. I don't know if that has anything to do with how long they can hold it but it works for me.

    One thing I do know about dogs is, changing their food up sometimes changes their bowel functions. Get something he likes and stick to it!

    Hope that helps! : )


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