Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

So I've picked up a  new challenge dear Dingleberries. I've been following Holly for sometime now and she's doing these "What I'm loving Wednesday" and I must say it tickled my fancy. Check out Little Daisy May for more information on this project.  I've a million projects on my blog, always involving something of some kind of nature. We've got music on Tuesday, Monkey Butts on Thursday and Fabulous Photos on Friday. Why not go ahead and fill Wednesday with something?  So, here we go. My first attempt at :

What I'm Loving Wednesday:

Thanks Facebook, you always find  a way to make me Giggle. This guy is awesome BTW!

Last but not least, pretty much everything on this website!!!

Pin Up Girl Clothing

There ya have this weeks What I'm loving Wednesday.  Hope you enjoyed it and see ya again next week for more.


  1. Looks like rain for today, we do need it, there is a burn ban in most counties here because of drought. My car needs a wash too!

  2. Sounds like a great feature! That swimsuit does look cute :)

  3. Did someone tell Chuck Norris his legs are gone?
    They're probably afraid.
    Can't say as I blame them, though.


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