Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 92, 2012

So it's Friday!  For that I am seriously glad. It's been a helluva week I guess in some words. Though the week did seem to fly by.  Which is a good thing. I'm hoping today that enough kids signed up for the field trip for Pokey. The school said they wouldn't do it if enough kids didn't sign up.  What up people, sign yo kids up so my kid can have fun. Sheesh!!!

So today is Good Friday, in all honesty. I've no idea what that means. I read it's the most boring day ever?  (No idea if that's true, but I am pretty fraking bored today). I googled pictures of it and all I could find was pictures of Jeebus hanging on a cross?  OoOoOo I did read a blog this morning about cross bread, looks like a possible tradition for one awesome blogger, let me just say. That shit looks GOOOOOD!  I'm thinking about making some of that myself for our thang tomorrow!!!
I did like this picture though
From what I gather in my googling Good Friday was the day Jeebus was hung from the cross? Or perhaps just the day that someone (yes I've forgotten his name already) snitched on Jeebus and turned him into the bad guys?  Lawd I should really learn my Bible shouldn't I?  I honestly have not read the Bible. The parents sent us to church some when we were kids, but it's different in Sunday school I think.  Since I've been old enough to say my own piece and make my own decisions. I don't attend church and to be quite honest, when I walk inside a church it gives me the NO feeling.  How weird is that?   

Anyway, for those who care  GOOD FRIDAY TO YOU!

So we're approaching Easter. I'm such a terrible parent I have not done the Easter basket shopping yet.  UGH!  Mr Monkey Butt picked up the basket the other day, it's cute and pink and looks like a sock Monkey. I will share pictures when the Easter Bunny brings it?! Of course I've got to do some other shopping today. As I babbled earlier, Papa Monkey Butt hit the big FIVE 0 yesterday and I've gotta do that shopping as well as pick up some cook out stuffs!   It's going to be a lot of fun.

As you can tell, I will in no way have time to post tonight, so I'm doing it now.  Fun isn't it?!!?
Day 92, Friday April 6th
Have an awesome Friday Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. Good Friday was the Last Supper, I think. Some Bible thumper I am! Catholics/Christians don't eat meat on Good Friday, fish, shrimp etc.

    Easter Sunday was the resuurection day for many religions.

    Have a great weekend! Hoppy Easter!

  2. Muslims and Hebrews do believe in Jesus, however they saw him as a holy man that spread the gospel but not the son of God.

    I try to see a little of all religions, they all can't be right, but I think the main thing is to do unto others as we would want for ourselves, just plain being good to all people is that key to the Pearly Gates!

    Peace and Happiness : )

  3. Good Friday followed the Last Supper (where Jesus insisted on separate checks) but came before Holy Saturday (when nothing happens but they gotta put 'Holy' in front of it just to keep things consistent) and is two days before-it's showtime!-Easter when the Easter Bunny visits Jerusalem, says "I'm getting the frik outta this crazy place and go visit some Indians in Minnesota or maybe the Swedes even though they wear bear skins at this time in history" and is three days before Easter Monday (which they gotta say because it's a day off from school and you just can't say "Monday" but I really think it's to piss off the Jewish kids.
    I'm also positive this is how it went downs. Hey, I was an altar boy for four years, so I must have learned something besides where Father Karl stashed the wine.
    Saw your blog while visiting someone else's blog for the challenge. I was intrigued by the "Monkey Butt" name. I'm going to follow you (yeah, you're screwed now) so I'll be back.


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