Monday, April 30, 2012

Days 112 to 116, 2012

Day 112, Thursday April, 26th 

Day 113, Friday April, 27th
We did have some fun times at the school thing... Every spring they have a celebration and lots of.... fun. It was OK really. We had some fun and got some pizza then headed out to do everything else on the agenda!!  But Pokey got her photo taken with the slice of pizza and miserable looking school mascot....

This guy hate his fraking job!
Wooooooo a steak & shake kind of night. I love this place, because they have good shakes. That is the only reason, their food is nothing to brag about. Nothing to write home to Mother about or anything like that.  But I love love love their shakes. Their service sucks.  That is all. Spent a bit of time with my aunt and uncle tonight, luckily she had some cake pans I could borrow. Yays!! Always fun to hang out with them  though. Fer sure!!!
Day 114, Saturday April, 28th
Ahhhh Saturday, I'm dreading the whole rainbow cake thing I was blogging about last week, lols.  Yea...  It was something else.  But firstly we had a blast at the doggie park grand opening. Maximus had fun playing with the doggies and they turned on the fountain for the grand opening and  he was so funny trying to play in the water.  Toooo cute, it's too bad we didn't get any pics of the fun!!!

Later we decided to load the bikes up and take them out trailing.  Exciting!  I've been dying for Pokey to learn how to ride  her bike, for this reason!  AWESOME!  We had a blast, met some awesome people... Just as we were about to leave their youngest I wandered away from his mommy and daddy and after what seemed like forever, looking for a small child, IN THE WOODS she found him hiding in the car, ::face palm::  Ya didn't check there first?  ::shakes my head:: Whatever, at least they found the little one.  Terrible thing to lose a kid... terrible thing!!!

And what you've all been waiting for....   The Six Layered Rainbow Cake

Before the Frosting
There is a butter cream filling inside the layers there. Let me just say NIGHTMARE!
Soooo... It's impossible to make butter cream  frosting. It's impossible!!  It just doesn't work. I mix and mix and stir and stir and nothing.  Very annoying! Thank GAWD Kroger sells butter cream frosting. Add a little bit of Lemon Extract and we're good to go. It was as tasty and as stressful as it looks.  I tend to get carried away and want a feel of  perfection when I make something.. Yea, this wasn't perfect. But I got it done!!

Day 115, Sunday April 29th
Cook out day and the cake is making it's appearance into the world and our mouths.  It was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy it, if not then they fake it well. Apparently I have some awesome friends.. 
Day 116,  Monday April 30th
 Holy shit talk about a day from HELL. Walk into work this morning and boss man proceeds to tell me he has like 10 calls holding. yea he isn't kitting!! 10 calls will take like all day to get done. Took a few more calls and stayed busy all day. Last I knew I was wrapping up some tickets and the other lady started gathering trash cans. Checked my watch and holy shit it's 5pm. Whewt!! Now every day needs to go just like that. Sadly I heard them say that  they may have the body shop workers take some days off because there is nothing for them to do... WTF!  That might mean I have more work to do and  no more pay for it. That's just messed up!  Messed up I tell ya!

Well, I'm leaving you with that. No sense in packing anything else into this post. That's what tomorrow is for!  :)  Goodnight!

Hang in there!

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  1. That was a great job on that cake Doria! Glad ya'll could get together and have a good time.


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