Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 105, 2012

Thursday, April 20th
I decided to start the fruit diet today. It's apparently not only a good way to lose weight but it also teaches you a little something about controlling what you eat and how much you eat. Teaches you to eat healthier and well it's great for a cleansing, which to be honest, I think I just need that. I'm hopeful it will help me in more ways than just one.

Here's to hoping!    But I'm starving, already!  :/

I hope you all enjoyed today's Monkey Butt! It took me a few minutes to get that one together and I got a lot of awesome comments on it!

What I'm realizing is, my calender is telling me we're only 110 days into this year, so how in the frak did I mange to get to 122?  I messed it up somewhere, shat!! Time to spend some time figuring it.  Very annoying if I do say so myself.

Ya won't see me online later, I'm dedicating some time to the television. Vampires and Zombies, two of my favorite things! 

Cya later Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. WOW, let me know how that diet goes. Fruit always seems to make me hungrier. But, the cleanse is good!!! Stay close to the potty fo' sho!!!!

  2. Is cheese a fruit? If not, I'm seriously screwed. But, if not, at least I won't need to stay close to the potty.

  3. That is a cute photo today. I haven't heard of the fruit diet. I hope it does what you want it to do

  4. HeHe with my experience with fruits, Apples seem to keep your fuller longer...and you get fuller quicker because if you got a large enough apple it takes forever to eat it...hahaha love you sis, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Yeah & I like the friday pic pick also!!!


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