Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

This just in, well recently in. It's all over the place to my surprise, see what a little research will get you?  From MyFoxAtlanta, TreeHugger and The Jakarta Globe. (no need in checking them all, they're all the same, basically)

They've rediscovered a species of  Monkey thought to be extinct.  Yays!  it's always good to know there is one more species of monkey in the world?  Where would we be without those poo flinging fellas? 
The Miller's Grizzled Langur
Here we have The Miller's Grizzled Langur thought to be extinct until recently a group of scientist accidentally video taped these buggers hanging out in a not so close to home place, the island of Borneo in Indonesia.  They say they were known to live in the jungles, due to poaching and loss of their homes they're now living elsewhere. I'm just glad they aren't all gone.
They're pretty cute aren't they?  I must say I sure am glad my teats didn't look like Mama Monkey here. Holy moly, that's....just...rough.  lmao..

There  ya have it, enjoy!!!

Hang in there!


  1. I thought it was just a guy thing that my eyes automatically gravitated toward those awkward little teats. Good or bad, that's our first line of sight. A blessing and a curse, if you will.

    They're adorable though (the monkeys). I'll take one without the nipples.

  2. Real cute but those nipples are just nasty. I guess her man doesn't mind though since she's got a pack.

  3. Don't worry, Beer, my eyes immediately went in that direction, too. So it MUST be a guy thing. I wonder if they make monkey brassieres? If not, I think they should.

  4. Did you not find the little guy runnung on all fours, i'm sorry, I looked for him also, Becky- Mama Monkey Boss

  5. Mama Monkey Butt, excuse me, oops


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