Friday, April 13, 2012

Physical Therapy and High Hopes!

Hey Hey Hey my Dear Dingleberries!  There's no late breaking news or anything like that. No progress or fumbles to report.  Mama Monkey Butt is in the makings of healing from her mastectomy!  No real complaints from her either. I guess, in her case, it went pretty well.. Considering!

So this week, I've more words directly from Mama Monkey Butt's fingers. This she posted on Facebook this week and I was just dying to share the news with you awesome folks!!

"Had 1st physical therapy today, I am sore, but it went great, stretched silly and stretched and stretched. Dr. Does it really matter, put off chemo til next week, he said he wants to give me one more week to heal up, just because Dr. I'm not telling still had the tube in me, She removed it today, Every visit at each office went Great, Each doctor was completely satisfied with the results, the surgeon released me today, asked me to come back in 6 months, just for check up. chemo will start back next Thursday as well as Physical Therapy, every Thursday. Jesus Loves Me, I Love You All." 
So there ya have it, straight from Mama Monkey Butts mouth.  She's fighting like a champ with no thoughts of giving up, throwing in the towel or calling it quits. It makes me sad she has to deal with this shit, on top of everything else this life has thrown her. But lucky for her and all of us, we're in this together.  This cancer is going down.  Frak you cancer, Frak you and your Fraking evilness!!! Grrr!!!

Hang in there!


  1. Tell Mama to keep that positive attitude and she will kick that cancer's arse!!!!!

  2. I agree, your Mom's positive attitude helped everyone to deal with that monster. I'm so glad she can now sit back and take a breather without that stuff, appointments, tests, and her worrying because everyone else was worrying, etc.

    Sorry to hear you're going to miss the Festival. Hope you find something else and have a great weekend with this fine weather.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree about keeping a positive attitude. It makes a great difference.

    Laughter is also so important. It increases the endorphins throughout the system and has been clinically proven to be healing and extremely therapeutic.

    Encourage your mom to do everything she can to make herself smile, laugh & feel good--whether it's reading funny books, watching funny movies, browsing funny stuff on Facebook or on blogs, etc.

    Laughter will make whatever other medicine she takes go down a lot easier. :)

    Sending healing wishes your mom's way--she's very lucky to have you, Monkey Butt! :)

  4. Cheers to your mama! I'm thinking of her and you from afar. :)

  5. Thanks everyone for all of your kind words. It means the world to us and Mama Monkey Butt. She frequents this blog so I know it makes her smile!

  6. Becky, Mama Monkeyn ButtApril 16, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    I smiled, I laughed, Thank You All for the Good Wishes, Thank You Doria for Loving Your Loco Old Mama Monkey Butt, I Love You So Much, and the Peoples that have put the Good Wishes her, Thank You. and, Little Monkey Butt, come and scratch my head- I Love You!


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