Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 116, 365 Days of 2011

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Well I'm a day late posting this blog, I also intend on posting Sunday (today) as a different post. So sorry for the confusion dear readers!  So Saturday, I didn't accomplish taking a self portrait; sadly.  I did make sure to download a few I was tagged in at the Maypole party.  I was actually very excited for the Maypole party I was in attendance last year and it was just as awesome this year. I love spending time with my friends when given the opportunity, again, I've told myself not to drink again anytime soon.  Apparently, Ive exhausted all of my favorite drinks and there is nothing left for me. I hate dark liquors and refuse to drink them.  Lately I've been back on one of my  old favs that I didn't run the course on.  Tequila!  I fear as though it has officially ran it's course in my life.  Sad!  There is NOTHING left for me to drink. Perhaps I should just stick to a mixed drink, a WEAK one I might add!  ;)   So without further babbles of the Doria kind, lets move on.  Check out the few pics I snagged from Facebook to share with all of you! 
So many of my favorite ladies.  I spend as much time as I possibly can talking with or hanging with quite a few of these very lovely ladies..  I'm the one on the left, holding up the car.  One of my favorite ladies, whom I'm blessed to be present and a brides maid in her wedding is not in this picture; sad!  My favorite cousin is right next to me. I'm so glad she showed up,  like really. I would be lost without her, I think.  She insisted on reminding me of awfulness and sending me into fits.  Thanks again for that lady!  

I'm hopeful these folks won't be mad at me for sharing these photos. They shouldn't.. I'm not naming names :)  Again me and my cousin and a really cooool dude whom is always  present at all of my  favorite parties! 

There were quite a few of these taken, but they weren't all meant to be shared with the world. This is a good one though.  Again, all of my favorite ladies.  We all spend a lot of time chatting and hanging out, we are the squirrels!  Love it.  I'm waiting on a lady to post the picture she took of our toes. I want to share my shoe find, remember my rant about not being able to find suitable shoes for the party.  wait! That may have been on Twitter.  ha ha.. Oh well. You all know how I am about my shoes.  I know, how on earth can I have so many shoes and not have something to wear! 

And here we having it the Maypole itself.  They were yelling for me to come join in, I stumbled to the car for a cigarette and they started without me.  It's okay though I think.  There is always next year, I participated last year. Always a good time!

 Stay tuned for Sundays post...  Back to normal it will go.  Thanks for reading my babbles!


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