Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 122, 365 days of 2011

FRIDAY,  May 6th, 2011

I must admit I was really glad it was Friday.  It was a pretty slow day and certain folks made it a point to get under my skin when ever possible. I ventured out to have lunch with Pokey today and it was, as usual, fucking nasty!  Sorry to drop the F bomb like that, but  it had to be said. That food is shit and we need to go on strike and they need better food for our kids. Damnit!

Facebook is being a piece of shit tonight and I'm cussing like a sailor.  I didn't have dinner until almost 12am and am still up blogging to all of yous!  So sorry.. I'm venting.  I'm cluttered and messy, the kitchen is now clean after a while of being at it.  But it is done! My parents are in the other room watching "Mr and Mrs. Smith" not one of my favorites. I volunteered to watch my niece tonight, so this weekend there are not only 3 children, all of them girls, two of them get very Diva like when the sun goes down and the other is one year old.  There is an overflow of estrogen in this house this weekend.  I'm NOT complaining. I think it's really fun to watch my niece. I do not want anymore children and having them around reminds me of this!  HA!

As you can tell I'm just overflowing with information tonight. I'm exhausted and in need of sleep. It's time to head off to bed, Facebook is still being a piece of crap!  Gah!  Guess it's a sign I shouldn't be playing online at this hour!
I hope you all were blessed with awesome Fridays, that they flew by and no excess suffering was involved. It's Mothers Day weekend and I'm spending it with my favorite Mother and a whole lot of love around the house. Tomorrow will be spent attempting to declutter and clean.  Get some time in the sun and play with Pokey and my 2 nieces!  :)  Oh and check out my other blog, "Uncelebrated Wench".  It's another thing to kill time, or brain cells, whatever!  Goodnight!


  1. OMG all them women in one house and no way out? : O LoL

    I don't know how my sister's late husband did it, my sister, 4 daughters and a son, ONE BATHROOM! When visiting it's a wonder I never pee'd out of the window!

    Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

  2. I hope you are enjoying your girls weekend. You all should so some fun girl stuff - paint nails to each other, have a "coctail" party (girls are minors so no alcohol for them) or something. I'm sure girls would enjoy it very much :)

  3. @Tim- Im not sure I would have made it in that house either! Props for the Hubs there! ;)

    @Starlight- baby ended up being grumpy and the older 2 played in the mud! Yay mudpies ! Yum!


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