Friday, May 13, 2011


So in light of today being the 'oh so feared' Friday the 13th. I shall share with you this clipping I found in a newspaper so long ago that I can't even remember. I vaguely remember it was a posting for an upcoming Friday the 13th, but I see no date on the clipping. Oh well. It must have made me giggle for me to clip it out and keep it all these years. 

Now I posted this yesterday for all those to read and due to a Blogger problems... It's gone, as well as a 365 days posting. I'm not sure which to be madder over!  So with that being said.. Here we go!

"If you've ever watched an horror movies in you life, you've come to understand there are just certain things you don't do. Ever.
  First, you don't babysit creepy kids that like to whisper a lot. Honestly, five dollars an hour just isn't worth it.
 Second, you never run toward the sound of a chainsaw in the woods. You always run in the opposite direction.
 Thirdly, don't celebrate when you finally knock out the psychotic killer. For Pete's sake, he ain't dead.  Save your touchdown dance for when he actually stops breathing. 
 Then finally, and perhaps most importantly, don't have anything to do with the NO. 13.  It's a bad number.   It's unlucky.  There's a reason most high-rise buildings go from the 12th to the 14th. Nobody wants to work, or live, on the 13th floor"
By Corey Clark, Staff Writer, GwinnettDailyPost

There you go, something else that made me giggle. I always glance up there and check that out. It's all common sense, but just in case you were born last night!  My unlucky Friday consists of a ripped contact. Here I am sitting in the office like Popeye.  Bummer!  Be safe folks!


  1. I'm not scared of Friday that 13th!

    I am scared of ripped contacts though, they suck. :(

  2. and NEVER go into a dark basement all alone in a scary house.

  3. Yeah blogger is back up. I needed a couple days off anyway. I have a photo of my "Boner" on my blog today~! Hahahahaa It was the same picture from another blog from his foster home advertizing for a home for him. I think he likes his name LoL

  4. @Holly ripped contacts are the DEVIL!

    @Kristen OoOoOo I always hated dark and scary basements!

    @Tim will def have to go check out the new photo. Glad he likes his name! It is a purdy awesome (funny) name!

  5. Most people do get a kick out of that name. I'm sure somebody will have to talk behind my back about naming him Boner. An after thought now maybe I could have named him "Woody." LoL : )

    Too late, Boner it is! hehehehee


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