Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 123, 365 Days of 2011

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Happy Saturday Folks.. Well it's Sunday now. I'm exhausted! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY READERS WHO ARE MOTHERS!

It was a pretty day today. Warshed my dirty and still nameless car.  Unfortunately I opted to take the niece home today because she was being supah grumpy. My sis and I were convinced she was missing her Mom and Dad!  Pokey and I had an adventure in Walmart. It was a new Walmart for us, one of those big sonofabitches and we wandered around looking totally out of place for a while there. She bought her first boy toy, a Lego thing.  We put it together. It was also an adventure. Thank gawd for directions. 

Updaters.... My great Grandmother didn't make it.  Apparently?  My Mother tells me tonight that she talked to my aunt and well  the great grandmother is on life support until Monday. She said she died. I'm unsure as to what reason they are leaving her on life support. Mom mentioned something about Mothers Day.  I don't know!  Sad times I guess.  Thoughts to those distant relatives enduring the loss of their Mother and Grandmother.  I can't imagine really dying from a broken hip. But I guess when you're 91 it just happens.  Sad!

So without further ado...

Goodnight readers, followers and fellow bloggers! 


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the day and relax....

  2. Happy Mother's Day hun :) I hope your weekend isn't too exhausting.

  3. Lego's are a good thing to help stimulate the brain. Good choice Pokey! I'm sure there are some gurly things she can build.

    Sorry to hear about your great grandmother. Myself I don't trust hospitals. I still think an event at the local hospital accellerated my mother's illness and she died in a nursing home two weeks later on a feeding tube. I just can't prove it.


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