Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 117, 365 Days of 2011

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Happy May Day my dear readers, followers and fellow bloggers!  I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the mayness!  :)  As you may have read already, there was a wondermus maypole party last night that went into the wee hours of today, I managed to drink too much and exhaust yet another liquor.  Oh well moving on..  I managed to take a picture tonight, before I forgot..  :)  Which also reminded me to catch up my postings. 

So here we are Sunday. It was an awesome day here. The weather was awesome and was finally able to get the scooter started. Made sure to ride it for a bit also. Took it to the store, was terrified and told myself that I'd sell the damn thing. I changed my mind on the way back home, wasn't as scared then.  ha ha. It's so weird.  Oh well, we will see how it goes next time. I like it at times, or maybe I like the idea of it.  Maybe it's the glamour in the whole thing. Although I was never one to find motorcycles and 2 wheeled death traps as Glamorous!  I shall not give up hope yet. Give it some time, see what I really think.  Sadly, I think it may not be for me.  But we shall see.  I've high hopes to conquer my fear, but I worry that isn't something I should be attempting to conquer, that perhaps me being scared is for the best?!    So back to today.....  My aunt hosted yet another family gathering, I love those.  It's my uncles birthday yesterday, he said he was 45.  It was a great time. Went riding in his Jeep Wrangler, which I will add, I LOVE A JEEP WRANGLER.  Hung out and chatted with all my favorite family members, there were a few who were not there this time. Sad!  But it was a lot of fun, I'm thankful for the events we have together and my cousin, who I talked about in my Saturday post, well her and I are planning to have a bridal shower for my sister. Ooooo Fun! 

So with that dear readers, I will leave you.   The TV is my distraction as well as the little IM's that are popping up on my Facebook. Have a pleasant night, happy Mayday and I shall post something for tomorrow! 


  1. Has anybody ever told you that you look like Uma Thurman? You remind me of her!

  2. I've actually never heard that before, but OMG she is oh so fabulous! *honored*


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