Monday, May 23, 2011

Anti Social Much?

Day 1:

The first day of my vacation from social networking. It's 9:30 am and I feel somewhat anxious.  Holy Shit!  Who would have thought you could be addicted to socializing? I've never been apart from my cell phone.  Technically we're not apart. It's resting safely in it's pocket of the deepest darkest pits of nothingness called my bag; purse, whatever!  I'm not using my phone. I think deep down this all spawned when I was so mad at it for constantly going off and not much of it was good news. Bastard! 

I hear it beeping at times up there.  I'm actually very curious how many exciting? messages it will hold come Monday!

I'm torn at this moment if I should break down  and pull it from it's pocket.  It is after all the camera I use most of the time for my 365 Days Project! 

It's 3pm, 15 new messages, 3 missed calls. WOWZA!

Day 2:

My separation anxiety as well as my bad mood faded at the end of my rebellion.  I just couldn't stand ignoring my cell phone any longer. EPIC FAIL!  Is what I'm calling it. You're reading right, I gave in and started using the cell phone at the end of Day 1. *shakes head*

I've stayed strong and have NOT logged into Facebook, Twitter or came to visit my favorite bloggers!  I didn't even post on Twitter from the phone. 

Today the phone  hasn't made much noise.  I'm somewhat glad.  I'm taking this much needed time to devote to my reading, which I've fallen behind on.  It's safe to say, I'm all caught up. I spent much needed quality time with Pokey and out in the sun. Woooo!

Day 3:

Awesome day. Didn't think much about getting online. Spent the day in the sun while the kiddos played in the pool. I forgot it was posta be the end of the world this weekend.  Wow, it's funny how that shit didn't pan out isn't it.  I was dusting off the Zombie survival guide to take out the walking dead.  Keep dreaming dreamers. We won't go out like that!

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