Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yep... Im going to hell

Well I said it.... I'm going to hell... I feel slightly shitty about certain remarks, jokingly of course I made over the weekend.  My great-grandmother took a spill today?  She fell and broke her hip. She's quite old and well they are unsure if she is well enough for surgery. unfortunately she must undergo the surgery. They are doing this as I type I assume and so far I've yet to hear anything in regards to how it's really going. 

To the remarks, over the weekend, I jokingly made remarks about the way she shakes her head, well use to shake her head when I was younger. I'm sure it was a nervous condition or perhaps something medical. I didn't know. But her shaking head still sticks with me and to be honest, it even makes me shake.  I didn't mean any harm and I never wished bad things for her. I'm sorry I'm a joker and tend to make fun of certain things or people.  It's a bad habit and it's all my cousins fault (just in case she's reading)  

So.. I feel terrible and I hope she comes through OK, I may go down and hug her shaky neck when she pulls through! 

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