Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 143, 365 days of 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Happy Memorial Day my American readers and fellow bloggers!  It was an another good day in the SUN by the POOL. Ohhhh I loved it. The girls were being arse heads and fighting like little shits today.  I was at my breaking point.. Broke down and came back from it. It's safe to say I may be in need of more than a couple drinks next week!  I may also snap a few neck bones this week, don't fuck with me world.  It's a bad time!  hahaah...  *fingers crossed* tomorrow goes well.  Saturdays (sell the Kia day) didn't work out as planned.  Bastards neglected to tell me they don't run their normal business stuff on Saturdays!  Shit!  So we are off to do it again tomorrow, pending my boss man can let me off at lunch time!  GAR!   
Well readers, followers and fellow bloggers. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and lotsa fun for the week!  It's going to be...interesting I'm sure. My niece is here for the summer!  Oooof!  Oh and I dyed my hair again, it's much cuter now. I will eventually get a picture that shows it's adorableness and for those that don't know yet, I gots me new shoes in the mail on Friday *happy dance*
Whewt Whewt!  Now to find a place to wear those lovely red shoes ;)  Goodnight everyone!!!  Cya tomorrow!

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