Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MayDay Footwear

So we may remember me ranting and raving about being at a lose on finding footwear for the Mayday Party? Click Me!  Ahhh yes you remember now don't you?!  Well one of my favorite ladies uploaded the picture today of my feets!  So check em out and remember I'm sensitive about my ugly toes. So no picking at me, unless you just have to :)
Mines are on the right... Wif my favorite purple colored toes!  The shoes, although uncomfortable, are A-DORABLE!  I have not worn them since that weekend and as soon as the weather warms back up I can drag them back out of the closet!

Me and one of my loverly friends.. This is my dress for the partay. I've been meaning to share a photo of it and I think this is the one!  Again one of the pictures that were uploaded like today?  I've promised Starlight since that  I would get one up!  Imagine this, with them purple shoes!  :)  Have an awesome Wednesday folks! 

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