Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mash-up: Episode 7

Good MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries..

I've found made a moment just now to draw my attention from facebook work and do a quick Monday Mashup post.  I thought to myself last night to drag the old lappy top out of the office and share the pics and posts I've been meaning to get around to. Whew, January is a helluva busy month and we're what ... about half way through so far?  Sheesh!!

How times flies...when you're having fun. Or whatever you call this I'm having!

Just a few things for today, because go ahead and check out my desk!

The things I should be doing right now! 

It's a Monday around here for sure, staying pretty busy with calls and people insist on getting on my nerves all day long with their broken down cars. Like they're the only people who break down or something?  Sheesh!  
  • The owners are still out of town, apparently the town they're from doesn't do funerals on Sundays?  Perhaps this is a North Carolina thing? Any of you folks from NC know if this is in fact the case or are my bosses losing their minds?  So they've a funeral for today (Monday) at 2pm for the boss ladys Mom.  I swear,. as crazy as she makes me and for all the bad things I say about her. I shed a tear or two when I heard her Mom passed. It broke my heart, I guess because it's so fresh that my Mom has passed....
  • Speaking of... I didn't/couldn't tell them Friday before they left that my Grandmother also passed away, I didn't want that to weigh on their thoughts as they were out of town on their passing.  One of of the other ladies at work lost her ex Father in Law Thursday night as well, he lives in FLA and wasn't having a funeral like the others, so I am unsure what she will do, if anything, with his  passing. I imagine she also didn't share her news with the bosses before they left. 
  • Papa MB tells me he's broke, I'm broke, his brother and sister are also broke as well as their mother. There is no money set aside for her funeral and honestly, we've no idea what their options are. Papa MB has come down with some sort of sickness, flu perhaps. I'm staying away. I can't take chances of getting sick right now. With everything that's going on, they'd be burying me by the looks of it!  I can't believe all the loss the people around me are suffering. It's crazy!!!  This was all suppose to be done in 2012. Not so soon in the New Year.  
  • So as I was saying, we're still waiting to see our options and how much money can be obtained for her funeral expense.  Looks as though they may be forced to cremate her remains due to lack of funds. I can't believe her family let it come down to this!  Makes me sad .....  The woman never liked me, but I can't help feel bad about the situation! 
  • Shall we move on to something that won't make you want to shoot yourself in the face?!  Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. 
Some of you are well aware of my good friend Tim over at A Blast From the Past. His sister was diagnosed with cancer just last year.  He informed me the other day that her cancer is shrinking with treatment. This makes me so happy. He's a super awesome guy and his sister  is a fighter!  Hang in there Tim's Sis. You got this!!  

Mr. MB found this ecard thing the other night, it had me LOLing. I can't help but share it!  

  • I've got to work again tonight.. . Ugh.. 
  • But we're going in for the Dr appointment tomorrow and we should find out what we're having, baby monkey wise...  
  • The weather was nice over the weekend, but I was working .I couldn't enjoy it as much as I'd liked to. The Mayans right have gotten something right though. Maybe the world is changing, we will have warmer weather year round?  I can hope, can't I? It's crappy and rainy today and from what the news people said this morning, sounds like  it could last all week..   Yay!  :/ 
  • Ok Ok.. I have to get back to work.. Stay warm, cool or dry. Whichever it is.
Hang in there!


  1. Thanks for the worthy mention Doria! For your father, just a thought, when my brother died last over a year ago, my niece checked with the funeral home and they offered cremation as an affordable option to a funeral. They actully took what money she told them my brother had left in his bank account and called it a day, and that wasn't much. As a matter of fact we have not spread his ashes anywhere yet and he's still riding around in the trunk of her car ;) We all knew he needed to get around more!

  2. I hope Papa MB gets well soon. How exciting to find out the sex of baby MB.

  3. Funerals are so expensive. Can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or girl. Hoping things improve for your family soon.

  4. I'm sitting here on my couch, playing hooky this morning, even though I have soooo much to do at the office. Just don't wanna.

    I'm sorry to hear that your grandma died, but even sorrier to hear you say she never liked you. How awful! I was blessed with two grandmas that doted on me.

    Take care of yourself and that little peanut who's baking in your oven :)


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