Monday, January 7, 2013

Juggalettes for Life?

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Check the story, if you're so interested..... It made me sick, physically. I felt sick to my stomach. I know there are exceptions to all rules. I know there is bad eggs and good eggs and the likes.

This bothered me and made think, long and hard

I was bored this morning, how that happened I still can't be sure.  In my boredom I logged into my email, finally.  Some years back when the love flowed better in my veins I indulged in quite a bit of the Psychopathic Family.  Have I mentioned this before?

I've had a weak spot for ICP and Twizid since my days in High School, my "juggalo love" you might call it.  I've been to many a concert and painted my face like the rest of my brethren and sistren.   Yes on occasion I'm guilty of speaking like a dummy.  It is what it is, we're all guilty at times.

I'm in my email today and I'm clicking through, ending up on the Psychopathic newsletter I must have signed up for years ago... Towards then end of the newsletter I read that a lady, juggalette if you will,was going through divorce. Her soon to be ex husband took their daughter and would not return her. Actually went as far as telling the cops and judge that the child's mother was a violent juggalo. From what I've heard, gathered and read... Juggalos are now considered gang members?!?!?  In the end she actually lost custody of her child and isn't allowed to participate in the child's life without the fathers permission..


I will give them one thing... The music isn't for children, I've never let my child listen to anything by any band on their label. It's just not right ... But it makes me laugh sometimes...

Is this bad?

Never in all my years did I even think that they would consider a group of people who enjoy a certain band or bands gang members?  It blew my mind.   Then I read what that guy said and was just even more bothered by it.

I don't know why it's bothersome to me, I just hate to think that people look at me that way!  I enjoyed their music for many years and will occasionally still listen to some of it. I haven't been to their shows in a few years, but that's not because I don't want to.  Life happens, sometimes I just can't.

I do remember the disappointment I felt the last time I went to a Twiztid show and there was a child walking around with his parents drinking Red Bull. I died a little inside that night...

I worry now driving around with my hatchet man sticker on the back of my car. On more than one occasion I have received unwanted attention from people who also enjoy their music.

Perhaps it's time for me to grow up and put away my childish things?  But at the same time it just doesn't seem fair to me to lose and give up the things I once enjoyed because I'm worried what people might think.



  1. I'm torn here. You really don't want my opinion of ICP or their fans. I don't share the view of the author of that other piece, which seems to be that you're all criminals, but I do have strong and pretty harsh thoughts.

    That said, you should never, and I mean ever, give up something you like because of what others think. If you hear something and it changes your mind, that's different. But if your only concern is that people may judge you, sorry, people are going to judge you anyway.

    You are the only one that has to live your life. If you're happy, that's what matters. Let others live the life they want, live yours your way.

  2. Follow your Bliss - Joesph Campbell

    Screw what others think!


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