Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Monkey Butt News:

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries. I believe this is my first Thursday's MB post of the year. I believe I'd exhausted myself entirely at the end of 2012.  Still a bad year if you ask me and I'm searching out the sunshine in this year.  I've ran out of celebrity monkeys to share with you all I think. Of course for those who have hung in the longest and are aware of me forgetting any one in particular or perhaps I just passed it over. Please do not hesitate to share with me.. 

So this year, month, whatever I think I'm going to focus on monkey's who land themselves in the news!  Worth a shot anyway, until of course I stumble upon a forgotten or new to showbiz  monkey!  

A while back I watched one of my faithful Dingleberries share a lovely post of a Monkey in a fur coat. Cute story.  Anyone else catch that one?  Lil fella escaped from a car and was spotted hanging out in a shopping  plaza parking lot. Sporting a fancy fur coat it looked to me!  

So this week I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few options in the Google news for monkey.  
  • They're sending one in space, again, the Iranian's I believe.  They're shooting for next month, if I read correctly. Little bugger will be up there kicking it in space. Eww there is going to be poo  everywhere when he gets back. Those Iranian's better have an well paid house keeper! All those crevices and buttons to clean.  That minimum wage shit won't cut it!  
And let's pray his trip doesn't turn into anything like the US attempts in 1948. Sad day that had to be! For the little MB family!  

  • Now getting reports ... An Indonesian man reportedly chaining his monkey Neneng, forcing the poor fellow to dress as a doll and parade around town on stilts. A child I tell you!  

I hope this little bugger bites the shit out of his master and fills his face full of some good hot monkey poo!  


Look at their child sitting on the front of that death machine!  It's no wonder they struggle with love of the animals, they don't value their own lives enough. 

  • Look at this sorry bastard from Idaho!!  Attempted to steal a monkey from a zoo, the monkey fought back so he whacked  it over the head, it died later on. Firstly who and why do you attempt to steal a monkey from a zoo???  Only in Idaho!! 


  • Lastly, check this one out..  Actually he's no monkey at all, an ape in fact, but he can kick some ass. Kung Fu Monkey Fighting!  Awesome..   

Looks as though Mr Ape has a few people he needs to kick around.  By the looks of today's news anyhow.

-Hang in there!


  1. Thanks for bringing us all the monkey news that's fit to print.

  2. Looking forward to the monkey-rush! Doria - you probably know but there's a orchid that looks like a monkey. Just google 'monkey-like flower'. It's amazingly similar!

  3. The Iranians may ultimately be successful. But, not unless they build a rocket big enough so that poor monkey can ride inside.

  4. That's no monkey Iran is sending up, its Ahmedinejab!

  5. Monkeys, monkeys everywhere! Good thing I have bananas.... ;-)


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