Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1st year,

So it was today, last year at 6:50 pm that my dear Mama MB passed away.... One of the saddest days in my 32 years of life.  Which is expected.  When you love some one as much as I loved her.  It's true, when I read a pin the other day that Mom is one of our first loves.  There are no words truer in this world.  I pray my children feel for me, if only a smidgen, the way I felt for Mama MB. The way I feel, the way I will always feel. She may be gone from this world. Gone from my sight and I can't "hear" her voice. She will live on forever, in my heart and memories. With each glance I catch in the mirror, through the eyes of my monkeys and from my family.

She left her mark on this world, that's for sure.  I can almost guarantee anyone who met her, surely could never forget her.

I sit back and think about it all the time, every day when I come down the hill and look up and see her house sitting up there. I know she's not there, my Dad is there and her pets are there.  It's a constant reminder though of how much I miss her.

This day last year, I had no idea how sick she was.  Papa MB didn't call us and let us know. I remember reading his text, that she wasn't' doing well at all.  I went down the hill, up the hill and to her house...

It was then it hit.  She passed that night ....

I miss her so much.  It's been a year. I still feel like she's going to come home from some vacation or that she won't be mad at me tomorrow and I can call and talk to her, lol. Not that I've any idea what she would be mad at me for.

Wish she was here to meet her first grand son.


  1. If you are lucky you will always feel her presence. I bet she met her grandson before you did ;) My Dad passed away over 17 years ago and I know he sits right here beside me, all the time!

  2. I like the notion that Mama MB met her grandson before you did. I hope on this holiday of Thanksgiving that you can focus on all the love and happy times instead of the loss. I'm hoping the pain will fade and you'll have just wonderful stories to share that will keep Mama MB's memory alive in your family forever. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I truly envy you for the opportunity to get to really know your mom. I was 14 when mine died- too young to get past knowing everything to get to know her.

  4. Will be thinking about you & your mom as I participate in Very Airmail Christmas this year.

  5. I wish she was too, and more than anything I'd love to hang out with you and Mama MB for a day, I would take you out for cake and hope we had lots of giggles about throwing poo and what we'd throw it at... :) Very much thinking of you this week, and so glad that Mama MB is this year's honoured one for Airmail Christmas x Much love x

  6. I wouldn't be surprised it your MB is not only in your heart but is also your children's angel, looking out for them as they grow.
    Sending hugs xx


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