Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mash up: Episode 13

I logged in a while ago with intentions of doing some reading, some comments and perhaps get a little MB post on.  A few hours ago, I found the picture you see above.  My occasional Monday Mashup post.  Hey , it's Monday... again.  Glad I'm not seeing and hearing that stupid Wednesday camel, but who doesn't hate on a Monday?  

It was a nice break to stop by and read a few posts today, I miss my Dingleberries.  I'd say I always mean to log in and do some reading, post a little and then something happens. I get distracted at work or too occupied on facebook to really just dedicate the time my blog needs.  

It's not smelly in the land of MB at all lately.  I really gotta work on that.

I guess honestly I never gave much thought at how busy life is with two children, with a home and job and school age kid.  It makes no sense really, because since Pokey was a year old I've  had  a job. The same job as a matter of fact.  Only since little Monkey does it seem to be slightly overwhelming.  I don't understand.  Not one bit.  How can this be? 

Here we are, already in the month of November. My birthday is this month as is Thanksgiving and the anniversary of my Mama MB's death. I remember last year, like it was yesterday. I as so scared, selfishly, that she would pass on my birthday. I remember praying, please don't let her pass on my birthday.  I'd like to think I'd come to terms with her passing.  That it had been long enough for the bleeding to stop.  It's still bleeding. I come down our street, every day and say Dang I hadn't seen or talked to mom in forever .... oh yea, I remember.  It's still really fresh and still bull that she's gone.  It all starts with Pinktober and just spirals down from there. Now we're working on Thanksgiving plans.  Sometimes, I miss the biggest part of what I'm thankful for. I'm still thankful for so much, still thankful for Mama MB.  Even if she is gone, I'm thankful for what time I had her for.  

Things have been going well, other than being broke as sin and trying to catch up on bills.  We're doing good. Lil Monkey is a talker and just so precious. Those of you who are my friend on FB know just how adorable my little Monkeys are :)  

Life is a strange and interesting place most of the time.   
Thanks for always being here my Dingleberries. 

-Hang in there! 


  1. You're right. Lil monkey is precious.
    I hope you pass this month in peace.

  2. Such a cute picture. Mama MB is still around, smiling I bet at her little replacement and wishing him the best. Now she's a guardian angel monkey.

  3. That is one happy little man Doria. I wish you the best during these holidays that does make losses hurt more than usual. You've had a busy year with the bad and the good, your Mom will always be at your side throughout life. You brought new life into this world and also got married this year, you've had a full plate and you continue to thrive. Peace, Love and best life has to offer.


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