Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts ...

Just caught myself searching through my album looking for my Monday Mash up picture, lol.  That would have been a flinging mess there wouldn't it?  Then again that does sound like something I've done in the past.  Shhhh, let's not say that too loud. Don't want my Dingleberries to know I fling those up from time to time.  

So it's not Monday at all, not anymore.  

Monday was my birfday and not the bloggy birfday. My really real birfday.  It's safe to say there was something, or someone missing.  But I guess that's expected.  You know last year the birfday came along and selfishly I prayed that Mama MB wouldn't pass on my birfday. How bad is that?  I think about it now and all I feel is damn, how selfish was that?  I hope I haven't already said this.  I don't want to be a broken record or something like that. No one likes that guy!  I sat at dinner last night, surrounded by those that I love and those that love me and I felt a little empty.  

Isn't it weird how we take things for granted?  I tried the last few years of Mama MB's life to not take those little moments for granted.  When it's all said and done, it's easy to think back to all the moments you did take for granted.  

I guess this is all coming out in light of the one year mark approaching...  

So it being Tuesday kind of throws a wrench in my whole " Mash up" that I'd decided to go with tonight.  I guess I can still share some  music?  Nah I don't think I will. 

Instead I'm just gonna carry on with my poo flinging tonight ! It's almost my bedtime. 

The little MB's decided to get sickly on me this weekend,  sick monkeys are really a nightmare. Just in case you were wondering!  Poor baby MB has some chest congestion and ran a temp all weekend.  Pokey decided to cough all weekend, luckily neither of them had any ear infections.  WE got lucky. I hope it stays that way.  Hoping I can get baby's lungs clear and we don't have any other problems! 

This is what it looks like after a breathing treatment.  His first breathing treatment. Poor baby monkey.  Guess he got his Nana's genes on that one.  :/  

There we have it, I will leave it at this.  Tomorrow is that darn Wednesday, gotta fight the camel.  

-Hang in there!  


  1. Here's hoping all our favorite monkeys are better soon.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And it's not wrong to not want a loved one to pass on your birthday. My BFF's brother passed the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago, and his funeral was on her 30th birthday. Needless to say, she positively hates her birthday now.

  3. Happy belated! And now it's Thursday. Blink and it's Saturday. When I said 'let's do the Time Warp' this is not what I had in mind!!

  4. What an adorable picture!
    Wait, I don't think a man can say 'adorable.'
    Ahem...what a precious picture!
    That's better.
    I think.

  5. Hope your babies are feeling better now.
    Sending you love hugs and birthday wishes. xx


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