Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ya'll tell me when and if you could ever get tired of seeing my two little monkeys!  They're not always as sweet as they look, that's for sure!  

Feel free to caption this one, just don't steal it :)  

So how are my Dingleberries?  Things are going, as well as can be expected  here.  I was intending on posting a random Monday post, but as you can tell, it didn't happen. ... Looks like it's been a whole week or two since I flung some poo at you. I miss you folks.   I thought for sure once I got back to work I'd be able to drop by more often, catch up on some reading and regain what was once "normal" for your dear MB.  Seems as though I came back to work just in time to be omg so busy!  There was a lot more catching up to do than and I thought.  On top of everything we're having one of our auto auctions this weekend as well. 

So where should I start... Oh yes, it's been some time, you know there is a catch up coming :)  

Getting back to work was to say the least, stressful. Not only did I have to get back to work, I had to find someone to watch my little monkey.  I've what you might call a serious case of separation anxiety.  Mr MB says I have it while I'm holding the little monkey.  Ahh that may be an exaggeration, but I doubt it.  So we went with the sitter, sweet girl from church.  Yea, so that didn't work out.  Little monkey started daycare Monday (yesterday).  I hate to do it, but he's close to me and well ... That helps, a little.  

It's all new and I'm still working to figure it out.. That's normal ... Right?  

I'm still wishing/wanting /hoping for a vacation, two kids?  Keep dreaming!!

Found out today, well, unofficially, that the bosses may have sold the business.  This irritates me because they haven't actually told us.  Which makes me hope that maybe it's a misunderstanding. I kinda hope it is, but I think if it isn't.  It's time for me to move on, perhaps this is the sign I've been waiting for.  Or maybe it means things will get better and I can make more money?  I'm not sure. I've also heard they have no prior experience in body shops or towing business... Um ....  It doesn't make sense?  The bosses are old though. They've hit their 70's, they need to retire and hang it up.  Is it wrong for me to be butt hurt that after all these years, we're like family, they haven't said anything officially?  

I'm ranting ... 

So as I said, I've  a lot of work to be getting done while I'm on the clock. That and the whole breast pump are really throwing a wrench in my internet life.   But little monkey is crashing out pretty early this week, so maybe things will work out for me. 

I hadn't forgot about you all, you're in my thought most days.  

Keeping it stinky around here, that's how I roll ... :)

-Hang in there!


  1. It sounds like you've got a full plate. Keep in touch when you can.

  2. I hope you get that vacation! I would be annoyed if rumors were going around about my company being sold and nobody addressed it.

    Trish @ talesfromtrish.blogspot.com

  3. Typical of employers! I hate the 'hush hush' approach...! And I never tire of endearing snaps.......nor poo! Take care!

  4. Sounds like life is keeping you busy! That's okay, though, it happens to us all. I hardly have the energy or time to blog with three jobs, a boyfriend, and my grandmother's all breaking their ankles. *hugs*


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