Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursdays Monkey Butt

Happy Thursday my Dingleberries..
Today I had this fabulous idea I would Google "Easter monkey"  Yes of course.. . Why wouldn't I?  Of course I expect to find monkeys all dressed up for Easter or something of that nature. Guess what?  I did find that and you aren't going to get our of  here without seeing it.. Or something like it anyway!  Of course!

OMIGAWD look how cute it is!!!  Why is it I never come up with these super cute ideas? It's monkey shit I tell ya!  

But this isn't the monkey for this weeks Monkey Butt post. Oh no no no, while Googling I was able to find more than just this adorable little fella!!  Yepparooni!

"EASTER MONKEYS: A Legendary Cleveland Band that took the path less traveled"

An interesting article found HERE

Now I come right out of the 80's and never heard of these guys growing up. Guess that's expected. I'm sure there were a lot of things I missed in the 80's and 90's growing up. You know Barbies and New Kids on The Block are far more interesting. 
Turns out, if I'm reading this right, they never released their record. They never got their album played on the radio. They did play a few gigs from what I'm reading and people loved them. 
Wonder why they never went big ... ger than they did? 

"They were so powerful that I felt hypnotized when I saw them," says Jim Lanza, who hosted a radio show in the 1980s on WCSB FM/89.3. "I'd never seen anything like them before -- and I haven't seen anything like them since."

I'm going to invest some time at some point to take a listen to some of their music. I saw a few  post of it on the you tube  Again, work gets all up in my way of doing all of my interwebbing!  

Happy Thursday Dingleberries!!

-Hang in there!


  1. Great news! I seriously believe that there is so much undiscovered brilliant music out there depriving ears. Not easy the rocky road to fame, so 'inflicting' your passions and likes onto others' is a great way to kick-start things. My older lads band (Hotel India) have just been signed for a single release of Now You Feel (rough recording on sidebar), so it's fingers crossed...... but even if they stay a mere local band, it's nice to know, like EM, all it'll take is a quick Google of sorts!

    Doria, - it's amazing what word of mouth, articles, blogs, and on, can do, so I'll be sure to look Easter Monkey's up, too.

  2. That is the cutest Easter sock monkey!!
    Crazy what you find on the old internets.

  3. Have a Hoppy Easter Doria and family!

  4. That was an interesting article. I'll have to try looking them up too. We used to have some good music in the Fort, too, with names like Rushville Whig, the Chronics, Skavossas, and Senator Dillwilly. Never forget those days.


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