Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Wasted?   I disagree, I loved these cartoons. How many of us secretly waited for these moments? Not so secretly?  Was scared every time Tom got after Jerry?

Happy Friday!

-Hang in there


  1. I loved Looney Tunes and would have loved seeing these. In fact, when Bugs Bunny was killed in "What's Opera, Doc?" I thought I'd finally seen one of these characters get their comeuppance. But, then, at the end, Bugs picks his head up and says, "So, what'd you expect from an opera? A happy ending?"
    Yep. Gypped again.
    Kill da wabbit, indeed.

  2. Ah, I spent many Saturday mornings watching those cartoons while eating poptarts.

  3. I spent my time just like Keepin' It Real. lol

  4. My Dad and I used to watch these cartoons every Saturday. Cartoons, Three Stooges, Bowery Boys. Long after I grew up and moved out of the house my Dad continued watching these cartoons every Saturday : )


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